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Chances are, we all have a BFF, and it’s usually no secret who that person is because they’re usually right by our side — either physically or electronically.

When we were kids, we probably wore half a heart necklace around our necks while our BFF wore the other half. Now, those necklaces are coming back into fashion for adults, too.

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Why not, amirite?!

And no, we don’t mean this definition of BFF.

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British celebs Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse, who happen to be BFFs IRL, created Pop & Suki, a handbag and accessories line that we can’t get enough of.

Poppy is a TV presenter and Suki is a model and actress, but who are “Pop & Suki”?

Awwwww. We can def relate.

With Pop & Suki, there really is something for every BFF pair out there.

1. Paperclip Chain

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This is a variation of the BFF heart necklace from our childhoods, and we love it. After all, you and your BFF are already attached at the hip, so why not be attached at the clip? (I know, I know…) You can get your own paperclip chain necklace here for $150.00.

2. BFF Heart

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You can either use your half of the heart as a keychain or clip it onto the camera bag you and your bestie may both get (see below). You can get both halves of the heart here for $45.00.

3. Camera Bags

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These are the cutest, right? We ~love~ the “cotton candy” color! You and your BFF can each get one here, for $195 apiece, and you can even get them engraved, too! #BestFriendsForever, right?!