Angelica Florio
Updated Feb 06, 2017 @ 3:20 pm

Just when we were about to lose all hope in humanity, Beyoncé saved the day yet again. Not only did her news that she is pregnant with twins basically break Twitter, but Beyoncé’s new Valentine’s Day merchandise to help us feel al of the love. Of course, being the PR genius that she is, some of Beyonce’s new clothing pays homage to her growing family and, needless to say, we want to buy it all.

This candy hearts crop-top is so sweet and symbolic


First of all, every Bey-liever (not to be confused with Beliebers, of course) knows that the three hearts’ perfectly display lyrics from Lemonade‘s “All Night,” which is arguably the most optimistic ode to love from the album. A few other things pop out from this adorable shirt too, though. The blue heart, for instance is definitely symbolic for Blue Ivy, Bey’s first beybey (no there can never be too many ‘beys’ in one sentence) who is the ultimate Carter princess. The three hearts are also meaningful, as Bey released photos from her gorgeous pregnancy shoot on her website along with the poem, “I Have Three Hearts” by her fav, Warsan Shire.

Clearly Beyonce is just as obsessed (okay, maybe a little more) with her growing family as we are, and that V-Day crop top is the ultimate way a mother (or a fan) can show their love for the Carters. There’s a lot more to the new clothing collection that’s equally as exciting, maybe just a little less kid-friendly.

The *pink* lemonade Most Bomb 😻 intimate set for example


Lemonade empowered us all to say “boy bye” to the dudes who can’t commit and gather our ladies into formation for total world-domination. Now Bey’s V-day merch collection empowers us to wear brag about our assets on our… bras and undies. This special pink edition of her Lemonade merch is so adorable and fun, it’s probably going to sell out way before Bey even reaches her third trimester.


If there’s one thing Lemonade showed us, it’s that Bey is committed to her family. The inclusion of her recent baby news into her V-Day merch demonstrates how much she loves her children already. She might have us all like, “can you please adopt me?” but she also has us like, “can I buy all your things and love you forever?” The answer to the latter is yes, of course. Happy shopping, Bey-hive.