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vibrators for self isolation
Credit: Dame

You may have just found yourself with a lot of alone time on your hands. Depending on how you choose to spend it, it could either be very dull or very thrilling. By now, you’ve learned to make bread, given yourself a manicure, and conquered at least one book that had been sitting on your shelf for over a year—but there’s still one more box to tick, and we know just the thing to get it ticking.

If your vibrator drawer is population: one, with an average age of “dusty,” it might be time for an upgrade. In this time of high-design sex tech, the landscape of buzzing tools is too sophisticated (and too cute, even) to be relying on a Stone Age-era personal pleasure device. The new generation is like the iPhone 11 Pro Max—why are you still using a Nokia brick?

Shopping for a vibrator once meant choosing between the pink and purple versions of a two-speed plastic bullet, or perhaps picking up a Berlin sex-shop-looking rubber Rabbit that was, for some reason, glittery. But the market has gotten savvy. Now, shoppers can choose from devices targeting specific zones like the g-spot or clitoris, or opt for one that feels like a tongue.

Frankly, the collective quarantine is still young, so we’ve rounded up seven top-rated, best-selling, and otherwise groundbreaking vibrators to help you best pass the time. Turn your Zoom notifications on mute and shop the best vibrators you can buy online below.

Dame Pom

Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, this compact vibe is a feat of engineering. Sex tech company Dame took over 1,500 surveys and nearly 100 user tests to best build this O-coaxing tool.

Lelo Soraya 2

$186.15 (orig. $219)
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The notorious rabbit vibrator from Sex and the City gets an upgrade with this tech-enhanced version. Featuring a silicone-wrapped shaft and a branched-out “rabbit ear” designed to stimulate the clitoris when the tool is inserted, this dual-stimulating device covers many bases.

Maude Vibe

This bite-sized device famously sold over 1,000 units in just 48 hours—twice. Its minimal, easy-to-use design, paired with one of the more accessible price tags we’ve seen attached to a contemporary vibrator, makes it an obvious choice. Vibe is currently awaiting a restock scheduled for late April, but it’s absolutely worth pre-ordering. In the meantime, check out the rest of the brand’s personal care and beauty lineup to hold you over.

Dame Arc

This G-spot vibrator racked up impressive sales stats, selling through over half of its inventory within one day of launch. The hook-headed wand offers a “rumbling” vibration that many users are quite fond of. Enjoy it internally or externally, depending on what kind of stimulation you’re in the mood for.

Lelo Ora 3

If you thought all vibrators could do was vibrate, think again. This donut-shaped device simulates oral sex with a silicone-encased rotating nub that feels just like a tongue. Finally, cunnilingus without the nuisance of having another person in the room.

Babeland Wristband Remote Curve Bullet Vibrator

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This remote-control vibe can be used for solo or partner play. With the help of a discreet smartwatch-looking wristband, the bean-shaped vibrator can be controlled from up to 32 feet away—and, as we know, anything over six is a go. A silicone cord means the vibe can be used internally (and easily retrieved) or externally.

Lovehoney Classic Plug In Massage Wand Vibrator

$35 (orig. $69.99)
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We’d like to thank Hitachi for paving the way for wand vibrators, but in this day and age, there are even better options available. This gentlemanly one from Lovehoney has nearly 3,000 perfect reviews from power-hungry shoppers who coyly agree it’s “effective.”

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