Pia Velasco
Updated May 18, 2020 @ 5:03 pm
Credit: HelloGiggles

Let’s face it—hand sanitizers are a much-needed product. Considering how many people and things we touch every day, it’s important to stay safe by keeping your hands clean of the thousands of germs that transfer onto us throughout the day (PSA: A study found that elevator buttons have 18% more germs on them than public toilet seats—eek!). And yes, while the best option is to actually wash your hands with lukewarm water and soap, a hand sanitizer is the perfect on-the-go product for ridding yourself of icky bacteria.

It’s an important item to have with you to help you stay as healthy as possible, which is why we tested many options for our 2020 Beauty Crush Awards. We found that a lot were either too fragrant, too globby, or too bulky—which TBH sounds a lot like every hand sanitizer we used growing up. Thankfully though, we found a clear winner: Touchland Power Mists.

Touchland hand sanitizers

Credit: Touchland

Shop it! $12, Ulta.com

Old school hand sanitizers got a much-needed upgrade thanks to this innovative packaging, which allows you to spritz the product onto your hands instead of squeezing it out in large, messy globs. These mists are hydrating, absorb quickly, aren’t sticky, and come in eight scents—unscented, aloe vera, mint, citrus, watermelon, vanilla cinnamon, forest berry, and lavender. We like how chic the packaging is, and because it comes in a fine mist, it doesn’t run out quickly. So while $12 may sound a little high for a hand sanitizer, rest assured that Touchland’s version will last you way longer than your average one.