They’re perfect for working out or traveling.

Christie Calucchia
Aug 04, 2020 @ 10:53 am
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Techloom Bliss Athletic Propulsion Labs
Credit: Courtesy of Athletic Propulsion Labs

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Everyone has one item in their closet that’s all but guaranteed to elicit compliments from friends and strangers alike. For some, it’s a flashy dress or statement earrings. For me, it’s a pair of slip-on sneakers. The Techloom Bliss from Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL for short) has been my go-to shoe for years. No matter how many comfortable tennis shoes I add to my collection, I always reach for this pair first. They’re supportive, sleek, and functional; the fact that people constantly ask me where I got them and comment on their stylish look is just a bonus.

Perhaps it’s the sneaker’s versatility: Technically a running shoe, the Techloom Bliss is made for movement, making it a great option for a workout. It’s lightweight with a rubber outsole and stretchy upper for comfort and support. I’ve worn them on countless runs and to plenty of workout classes. Despite their lace-free design, they stay put and offer a sturdy cushion to land on.

The fact that the shoes easily slip on and off also makes them one of my favorite travel shoes. There’s nothing better than gliding through airport security without the hassle of untying and retying shoelaces or wearing sandals and ending up barefoot (the horror!). Even if you’re not flying, they’ll make travel easier—with these shoes, there’s no need to pack another pair of athletic shoes for working out or comfortably exploring a new city by foot.

Along with their comfort and functionality, the shoes are sleek and stylish (even the elastic strap is made of luxurious satin). With a narrow silhouette and streamlined design, they’re basically the opposite of chunky dad sneakers. They look uniform with activewear, but you could just as easily pair them with jeans or a casual dress.

APL Techloom Bliss

Athletic Propulsion Labs Techloom Bliss
Credit: Athletic Propulsion Labs

Available in 18 colorways, the shoes come in a variety of colorful combinations, from classic black and white to trendy rose hues. However, with hundreds of rave reviews online, it’s no surprise that some styles quickly sell out. Many shoppers confirm the shoes are lightweight and comfortable, and some even admit to swapping their regular Nike sneakers for these supportive slip-ons. 

You can shop all of the stylish sneakers from the brand’s site, or grab a pair from other retailers like Amazon and Zappos.