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Friends, get ready to spend way too much money (while also SAVING so much money!) because this ASOS shopping hack is going to have you buying basically everything the store has to offer. ASOS has been getting a lot of attention this year for amazing deals (hello, incredible ASOS beauty sale), but also for weirder products, like that strap on dinosaur tail that went viral and the most fascinating body bow in the entire world. As if you needed another reason to be in love with this brand, this ASOS shopping hack is the answer to our online shopping obsession.

So here’s how this ASOS shopping hack works: The more you buy at once, the more you save, and you can do this with amazing ease thanks to their pre-made clothing bundles!

Mind. Blown. As our friends at Refinery29 explain, the ASOS shopping hack is pretty darn easy.

All you have to do is go to the “Women” tab, head to “Workwear Suits,” and then click on “Packs SAVE.” Magic!

Now you have so, so many of your ASOS faves in a nice need bundle. Seriously, how many deals have we been missing out on by not knowing this exists?!

This is an especially handy shopping tip if your style mostly consists of basics (hello, normcore!) or if you really just need to finally get around to replacing those super grungy camisoles. You can grab everything from their ah-mazingly cozy leggings to party-ready bodysuits to work essentials. And you won’t even feel guilty for ~shopping ’til you drop~ because you’ll be saving so much money.