Gabriela Herstik
November 24, 2017 11:11 am
Amy Scarlata / HelloGiggles

It’s officially holiday shopping season. For the next month, our brains will be occupied with finding the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on our list. We’ll be shopping, scouting, and saving all the leads we can find, and don’t worry — we’ll be bringing them all to you! While there are many types of gifts out there for many types of people, we couldn’t help but make a gift guide for our beloved air zodiac signs. For all the Aquarians, Libras, and Geminis out there, we’ve especially got your back. We’ve rounded up our favorite zodiac gifts that are sure to infuse your life with some ethereal energy as we enter the New Year.

Have you been looking for a new notebook, or air plant for your best friend? Maybe you’ve been shopping for yourself, secretly channeling the energy of a storm, or waiting for the right present to allow you to manifest your truest potential (à la a witch). Whether you’re searching for yourself or a loved one, we hope this gift guide helps you find the ultimate gift for your favorite airheads. Read on for our favorite zodiac gifts and don’t forget to #treatyourself too.

1HausWitch “North Wind Spell Kit,” $35


If there’s anyone who can utilize the power of wind to cleanse and clear a home of negative energy, it’s an air sign! This spell kit was handmade to help you protect your home from negative energy. Call on the North Wind to clear the way for a vibrant New Year with this spell kit that includes a clay mini cauldron, palo santo, sandalwood incense, clear quartz, a white candle, salt, and a meditation postcard.

2Catbird “2018 Constellation Desk Calender,” $16


Okay yes, we know. WE KNOW it’s not technically 2018 yet. But it’s really, really close. This calendar will not only make your loved one look forward to the New Year, but it will help them find a little more grounding in the year to come. Plus, these beautiful constellation drawings will inspire your beloved air sign to continuously reach for the stars.

3Catbird “Amongst the Stars Tulle Socks,” $32


The heavens are the domain of the sky, which is kinda the domain of air, right? Either way, these sheer, gold star socks are perfect for layering with sandals or sneakers. Give them to your favorite fashion lover to help them infuse their day-to-day look with a kiss from the heavens.

4Rock N Rose “Botanical Illustrations Wall Hanging,” $28.88

Rock N Rose

Who doesn’t need more art? For air signs, finding roots in this life can be kind of difficult. With this beautiful piece, there’s a reminder to find grounding in nature and all her beauty.Also, who wouldn’t love the wood scroll frame?

5Rock N Rose “Zorya Star Face & Hair Gems,” $6.56

Rock N Rose

Ever heard someone say that they wish they had stars in their hair? Well, we’re pretty sure they need these hair gems. This subtle touch of glamour will enchant every and any air sign in your life.

6Redbubble Lightwitch “Seer Poster,” $25

Redbubble/ Lightwitch

Need something for your favorite witch? How about an ethereal poster that’s sure to inspire them? Air and water are the perfect mix for intuition, and this poster is sure to bring out some strong feelings. Deliver it in a vintage frame for maximum impact.

7Topshop “Moon and Stone Choker Necklace Pack,” $22


Who wouldn’t look good in this dainty choker set? With a mini moon, a pink colored gem, and plenty of gold detailing, this two-piece necklace set will add that touch of elegance to any air sign’s ensemble. Pair it with a rose quartz for extra loving vibes.

8Zara “Zodiac Embroidery Sweater,” $119


Air signs, water signs, fire signs, earth signs — it doesn’t matter! We’re pretty sure everyone on our list needs this thick knit sweater with zodiac imagery on it. The sequin details add a hint of uniqueness that air signs will go gaga over.

9Anthropolgie “Zodiac Journal,” $18


One thing most air signs have in common? Their tendency to overthink things. If you know someone who always has a million ideas, and also struggles with being present, then this notebook with a personalized cover will be just what they need. After all, these are so beautiful — who wouldn’t want one?

10Firme Arte “Hella Sensitive Anti Anxiety Inhaler,” $9

Firme Arte

Anxiety is real, and sometimes we just need to breathe in the good shit and exhale the bullshit to actually make ourselves feel better. Fime Arte’s “Hella Sensitive Anti Anxiety Inhaler” is made with lavender, woods, incense resins, and infused with crystals, to help your favorite empath ground themselves. Connecting to your breath is vital, especially for air signs so they’ll appreciate this gift.

11Pottery Barn “Live Airplane Terrarium Garden,” $34.50

Pottery Barn

Do you know how hard it is to kill an air plant? Really, really hard. This pretty much guarantees that this is the perfect gift for any air sign in your life, even if they have a black thumb. But really, air sign, air plant — what could be cuter?

12Target “Scentifier Ultrasonic Fragrance Diffuser,” $15.89


Aromatherapy is all the rage right now, and your favorite air sign deserves in on the fun! This sleek diffuser is battery-powered and less than $20, so how can you not love it already?! Complement with some lavender, peppermint, and rose oil for the ultimate gift.

13Crystal Cactus “Magic Intuition Mist,” $38

Crystal Cactus

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we can do anything we want, and that our gut is always right. With a spray of this Magic Intuition Mist, which is made with orange, frankincense, lavender, filtered water, labradorite, and amethyst, your intuition will be on-point. Place it with a silver candle for even more blessings.

14Crystal Cactus “Butterfly Ritual Transformation Kit,” $38

Crystal Cactus

If there’s one being that represents transformation, it’s the butterfly. If your favorite air sign is going through a major change of their own, this ritual transformation kit will allow them to focus this energy in a productive and loving way, all taking inspiration from the butterfly. Who better to embody this energy than an air sign, one who’s ready to take flight at any moment?

15Bleu Gardens “Dear Summer Smudge,” $16.16

Etsy/ Bleu Gardens

If there’s one thing we can all do more, it’s cleanse! Cleansing with sacred smoke has been used by First Nation and Indigenous people for thousands of years, and with good reason. Powerful herbs like lavender, rose, and sage help cleanse the negative energy in a space and invite in positive, loving, and healing energy instead. Since smoke is air’s domain, your favorite air sign will feel even more connected to this simple ritual.

16Amazon “Set of 6  Incense,” $9.95


Ahh, air sign. You’re a dreamy type and nothing makes you feel things quite like scent. These incense sticks will suit your array of moods, helping turn your home into a sacred space where you can relax, unplug, and find some grounding. Plus, they smell great and are sure to add another dimension of magick into your environment.

17Amazon, “Large Rainbow Abalone Seashell,” $9.02


Abalone shells are used for smudging ceremonies and are the perfect companion to your favorite Sage or Palo Santo. Water and air are the perfect intuitive mix, so channel your inner mermaid with this shell, and your smoke cleanse will feel especially powerful. It also doesn’t hurt that this is so beautiful to look at!