Ashley Rey
Updated Dec 05, 2016 @ 10:06 am
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Admit it…we were all obsessed with Abercrombie & Fitch in grade school. And now with the news of many AF stores experiencing closures, many of us are starting to reminisce on how much we adored their fashions.

Our parents may not have seen the value in spending a few extra bucks for a polo shirt that they could grab from somewhere else, but we certainly did. And in spite of all of its body image controversy, we knew that coming to school with the embroidered logo across our chest would present no better feeling.

In honor of the holiday, we threw it way back and rounded up 11 Abercrombie & Fitch gifts that every ’00s girl had on their Christmas lists!

1. Iconic slim fit polo

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A staple that we felt like we just HAD to have.

2. Worn/distressed jeans

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Because what’s life with them?

3. And of course, a pair of distressed shorts for the summer

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We gave our moms heart-attacks with how short they were, LOL!

4. And we can’t forget about the cotton, ruffled skirts

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They literally could be worn with EVERYTHING.

5. If the ruffled look wasn’t your thing, the khaki skirts would do

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Bomb [dot] com.

6. Khaki, flared pair of pants

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Another. Staple.

7. Corduroy jackets

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With the wool on the collar, please!

8. Can’t forget about the fragrances

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It was a goal to smell like AF stores all day, everyday.

9. And any accessory with a visible logo, like scarves…

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The logo will never be big enough.

10. …and hats

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The more worn the brim, the better!

11. And last, but not least…any cardigan we could get our hands on

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Oh, the good ol’days!