Johnni Macke
February 28, 2017 6:09 pm
The CW

Another month, another batch of savings! Every month you might want to splurge and go on a shopping spree, but there are actually six items you should buy in March to save money.

Thanks to the Flipp app, which puts all of your local weekly ads at your fingertips, you can actually save a ton every month.

The app will automatically find your local circular deals, including coupons, for everything on your list! Aka, you need this app to shop ’til you drop without spending all your money.

In addition to having weekly deals and coupons, Flipp’s savings expert Lisa Lee Freeman has created a month-by-month calendar of things you should buy. Get your pen and paper and write all of these March savings down now.

Here’s What to Buy in March:

Frozen Food

March is National Frozen Food Month, which means there are way more coupons and sales on frozen items. These include anything from frozen pizza to frozen veggies, so stock up.

Winter Clothing & Sports Gear

All you outdoor people, this one’s for you! This month is all about the winter markdowns including, winter boots and sweaters as well as actual sporting items like skis and sleds. Yay, winter in spring!


Less people travel at the end of the winter months, which results in sales on luggage in the spring. If you are getting ready to jet set off to some amazing destination come spring or summer, now is the time to get new travel bags.


March is the month of cauliflower. Okay, it’s not dedicated to the vegetable or anything, but there are a lot of deals on cauliflower this month. Who knew?!


Both spring and fall are peak season for this vegetable, Freeman explains, so take advantage and buy lots of it!


Thank you Valentine’s Day leftovers for gifting us with chocolate sales! Seriously, there are always after V-Day sales in March for any and all chocolate. If you need us, we will be in the chocolate aisle.

What deals seem the best to you? We’re guessing it’s the chocolate deals, right?