December 19, 2016 4:31 pm

There’s always one member of the squad who has a perfect mani. Like how? How can you paint with your less dominant hand? How is your polish never chipped, do you even use your hands? Like, ever?

This gift guide is for the nail art connoisseur in your life, who knows their way around a polish, lacquer, at-home gel, watercolor nail technique, and decal.

Here’s a round-up of incredible nail gift ideas that will have your BFF ready for the new year. Hopefully, in return, your bestie can treat you to a mani on the next girl’s night in or maybe they can share their nail secrets because, seriously, we need our polish to be on point come 2017!

INCOCO Nail Polish Appliqués, $7.99.

@inocoproducts instagram

Ironically, these make a perfect gift for your nail art obsessed bestie and the member of the squad with the shakiest hands of all time. Both will enjoy the convenience of these intricate decals.

Static Nails All in One Pop-On Manicure Kit, $38.


Acrylic nails are a commitment and let’s face it, they’re pretty damaging to natural nails. Gift your bestie with a set of press on nails for a super special mani.

NCLA Sugar Shop, $48.


How cute is this collection? Give your nail BFF this NCLA set and she’ll be ahead of the trend with her Spring-inspired nails come 2017!

Floss Gloss Glitz Deluxe Set, $46.

Floss Gloss

Your nail obsessed friend will celebrate NYE perfectly with these shimmery polishes.

Fashion Angels Pedicure Kit, $16.99.

Toys R Us

An inflatable foot bath, manicure sticks, foot scrubber, bath fizzy, toe separators, and 88 gems for under $20. We’ll take it!

Diamond Cosmetics Nail Art Tool Kit, $5.99.


Actually, no. Makeup brushes and nail art brushes aren’t quite the same. This set by Diamond Cosmetics is about six bucks, which means that’s about a dollar each!

Butter London “The Most Wonderful of All” Set, $150.

18 shades plus exclusives? Hopefully, you can finesse your BFF into “lending” you one of the polishes after she unwraps this set!

Butter London Stair Step Station, $175.

For some, this would be over-the-top and total overkill. For others, it’s one step closer toward an in-home nail salon, aka paradise.

Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit, $75.

Everything you need for a stellar mani at home. The LED light: epic.

Ciaté London Mini Mani Month Nail Polish Set, $59.


So many polishes, so little time.

Christian Louboutin Loubi Nail Kit, $55.


This kit is more than looks. The Loubi primer creates a smooth surface for polish while the Loubi Nail Gloss seals and offers UV protection.

Sephora Collection Crystal Nail File, $10!


These washable nail file can last for years…YEARS!

Deborah Lippman Undressed Nude Polish Set, $34.


Not sure which shade to gift? Easy, everyone loves a classic nude or a pale pink. This set by Deborah Lippman is so Instagrammable it hurts. Naked manis, anyone?

Eve Lom Cuticle Cream, $24.

For the nail art connoisseur who cares about nail care, gift them with this cuticle cream. This is created with beeswax, almond oil, and chamomile.

See anything for your nail art obsessed friend or are you that friend, and you’ve been totally shopping for yourself this entire time?