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Finding wedding favors that your guests will actually enjoy (but that won’t break your wedding budget) can be a challenge. Fortunately, Amazon is a treasure trove of affordable options, and with many available via Amazon Prime, they’re sure to arrive in plenty of time, even if you put favors at the very bottom of your to-do list for your big day. Here are 9 genius wedding favor ideas that everyone will actually be excited to take home.

Succulent Wedding Favors

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For a sweet gift your guests will actually want to take home, order mini succulents and small pots to replant them in. The pots come in sets of five and the plants come in sets of 20, so you can order enough for all of your guests. When you calculate the cost of the plants and pots, each favor comes to just under $5 (thanks, Amazon Prime free shipping!).

To buy: $40 for 20 succulents; amazon.com; and $14 for 5 pots; amazon.com.

Cactus Candle Wedding Favors

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And if you don’t want guests to have to worry about keeping a plant alive during their journey home, opt for candle succulents instead.

To buy: $15 for 12; amazon.com.

Mrs. Miller’s Amish Homemade Hot Pepper Jelly

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A jam or jelly is always a great gift—especially when you choose one that’s on-theme for the location of the wedding. Southern weddings are ideal for a hot pepper jelly wedding favor, while a Maine wedding is perfect for blueberry jam, and a Vermont wedding calls for mini maple syrup.

To buy: $12 for 6 jars; amazon.com.

Bath Bombs

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A bath bomb wedding favor is just what your guests need to relax after a long night of partying. Plus, each one comes already wrapped so you don’t need to do any extra prep work.

To buy: $12 for 6; amazon.com.

Caramel Popcorn Jars

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To give your guests a little snack at the end of the night, buy a big container of gourmet caramel popcorn and divide it up among small mason jars. The treat will travel well, whether guests are just heading to the hotel or trekking all the way home.

To buy: $40 for 1.26-gallon tin, amazon.com; and $18 for 12 jars, amazon.com.

Giant Hersey’s Kiss

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Want to really show your guests how you feel about them? Get each one a giant chocolate Hershey’s kiss that’s seven ounces of solid milk chocolate. Sure, this option stretches our $5 budget, but for a treat this delicious, it’s worth it.

To buy: $6 each; amazon.com.

Silly Herb Seed Packets

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Seed packets are a gift that keeps on giving. Even if your guests don’t have a backyard, they can plant these herb seeds in a small windowsill garden. Plus, the adorable illustrated packaging and cute sayings (“You mean a great DILL to me”) make for an adorable wedding favor.

To buy: $15 for 7 packets; amazon.com.

Customized Treat Bags

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Order a set of customized treat bags—each one costs just 66 cents—then set out a display of candies (hint: buy them in bulk on Amazon) for guests to fill the bags with.

To buy: $33 for 50 bags; amazon.com.

Heart Confetti Push Pop

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To keep the party going even once the wedding’s over, give each guest a push pop pull of heart-shaped confetti.

To buy: $16 for 4; amazon.com.

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