Lindsey Sirera
April 03, 2017 4:40 pm
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Look left, look right, and chances are you’ll catch a sleek woven straw bag on someone’s arm this spring. Because ever since Cult Gaia exploded onto the scene with their viral Ark Bag (you know the one!), it seems like every gal with an Instagram account is investing in some sort of straw, raffia, bamboo or wicker purse. Basically, they’re enviable Instagram arm candy!

While straw bags have traditionally been reserved for beach vacations and summer trysts, it’s clear these bohemian staples have made their way into the mainstream. And oh, could we not be more ~thrilled~. These structured little bags pack a punchy attitude, and they’re the perfect punctuation to any sleek spring look.

So while said woven Gaia’s Ark bag has pretty much cropped up on every major fashion influencer’s account, we’ve rounded up a few alternate options that are guaranteed to get more than a few likes.

1Cult Gaia Lilth Bag, $218

2Kayu Jane Seashell Clutch, $205 

6 Zara Raffia Bucket Bag, $60

4Etsy Handmade Straw Bag, $180

5Milan Blocks Lips Bag, $40

6Round Rattan Basket Bag, $65

7Pineapple Clutch, $13