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Whether Myers-Briggs tells you so, or you’ve self-identified as an introvert, you’ll appreciate these products that affirm it’s okay to be quiet in the midst of a talkative world. Take some time to recharge your batteries (and re-caffeinate your brain) with an illustrated crystals mug or treat yourself to a pretty marbleized soap and a hot bath the next time you’re contemplating cancelling plans. From a serious book that explores the strengths of introverts to a funny art print that speaks to all of the introverted mermaids out there (you know who you are), these picks show there’s more than one way to put the “I” in INFJ. Even if you don’t necessarily consider yourself an introvert, in a world where social media lets you stay connected 24/7, the luxury of spending time alone is now even more appreciated. So go ahead and clear your schedule this weekend—you’re due for some reenergizing “me” time.

1Time to Recharge Mug


The real key difference between introverts and extroverts is that extroverts are energized by social interaction, while introverts need alone time to recharge. With this mug, introverts can let the world know when they’re in recharge mode.

To buy: $16; lookhuman.com.

2Soap for Introverts


For those nights when you’d prefer to stay home alone and take a long, luxurious bubble bath rather than go out with friends, this soap is the only companion you need. While the name is silly, the combination of a soothing blue marbleized design and an unscented formula make this soap seriously relaxing.

3Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Credit: amazon.com

Any introvert who’s fed up with the world telling them they need to talk more will find a welcome counter-argument in Susan Cain’s book on the power of introversion and the rise of the extrovert ideal in American culture. As if we needed another excuse to cancel our Friday plans and curl up with a good book.

To buy: $15; amazon.com.

4They Call Me Indoorsy Tote

Credit: etsy.com

Calling all self-identifying homebodies who love staying home to care for their indoor jungles, this sturdy canvas tote was made for you. The adorable line illustrations of popular houseplants are so adorable, you may almost be tempted to leave the house just to show them off (well, almost).

To buy: $18; towne9.etsy.com.

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5Meh-Maid Art Print

Credit: society6.com

Mermaids may be trending right now, but meh-maids will always be in style. Created by English illustrator Gemma Correll, this adorable art print captures the feeling when you know you’re a magical being, but you just can’t deal with the rest of the world. Hang this pink print in your bedroom or entryway for a hit of color and a bit of sass.

To buy: $19; society6.com.

6Happily Introverted T-Shirt

Credit: etsy.com

This T-shirt lets you take a stand against the common misconception that introverts are sad—and it does it all without you having to say a single word. Not only does this shirt help you own your introversion, but it’s also comfy, lightweight, and printed in the U.S.

To buy: $29; printablehappies.etsy.com.