Bronwyn Isaac
December 07, 2017 12:33 pm
Peter Thomas Roth / Retro Planet / Sugarfina / Anna Buckley / HelloGiggles

There is no denying the fact that Hello Kitty is an icon, and her (their?!) squad is a force of adorable nature to be reckoned with. Based on statistics and a universal love of cute gifts, we have a feeling at least one person on your Christmas list would love some Sanrio-themed gifts this year.

Whether you’re in the market for some cute Hello Kitty-themed clothing, or a bottle of Hello Kitty rosé, the internet has a fabulous wonderland full of Sanrio goodies for you to choose from.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, the act of browsing through the world of Hello Kitty and Sanrio-themed products is a soothing activity for us all.

For your shopping and viewing pleasure, here are some of the cutest Sanrio gifts in the game.

1Rastaclat Classic Sanrio Bracelet, $24.99

Courtesy of Rastaclat

Rastaclat partnered with Hello Kitty to make adorable bracelets of three Sanrio characters: Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru, and Keroppi. These are great stocking stuffers.

2Torrid Hello Kitty Print Rain Coat, $44.17

Courtesy of Torrid

We are in love with the whole Torrid x Hello Kitty collection, but this raincoat might take the cake as the most striking piece. Your BFF will love you for this cute gift.

3Torrid Hello Kitty Furry Slipper Socks, $14.17

Courtesy of Torrid

We want to live inside of these adorable faux fur lined slippers, and your friend will too.

4Wine Lab Sweet Pink Hello Kitty Wine, $23.95

What better way to max and relax than by cracking open a cold bottle of festive Hello Kitty rosé?!

5Sugarfina x Hello Kitty Bow Gummies, $8

Courtesy of Sugarfina

These delicious gummies are strawberry-flavored and come in the cutest Sanrio packaging.

6Barbie Hello Kitty Doll, $100

Paul Jordan, Sheryl Fetrick
Courtesy of Barbie

This collector Barbie’s whole outfit is modeled after Hello Kitty’s red bow, and we’d gladly rock this look if it was available in human sizes.

7Fragrant Jewels Hello Kitty Bath Bomb Trio, $42.95

Courtesy of Fragrant Jewels

Each of these glittery bath bombs melts away to reveal a Hello Kitty ring in the middle. Perfect for your friend who loves Sanrio and bling.

8FILA X Sanrio For Urban Outfitters Long Sleeve Tee, $45

This tee marries the ideal combination of timeless FILA fashion with Sanrio’s cheeky touch. It’s the perfect gift for your friend who likes to look comfy yet chic.

9Peter Thomas Roth Hello Kitty Rose Repair Gel Mask, $52

Courtesy of Peter Thomas Roth

Hello Kitty-themed high-end skin care?! Yes, please! This is for the skin care junkie on your list!

10Retro Planet Hello Kitty Winking Star Heart Coffee Mug, $7.12

Courtesy of Retro Planet

Who doesn’t want to drink hot cocoa out of a mug that is winking at them?

11New Era x Sanrio Hello Kitty 9Twenty, $29.99

Courtesy of New Era

Now you can keep your hair tucked away under the warm red embrace of Hello Kitty.

12Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Backpack: Cosmic, $64

Courtesy of Tokidoki

This backpack features the whole Sanrio gang in OUTER SPACE. It basically sells itself.

13Hello Kitty x Crap Eyewear: The Love Tempo, $76

Courtesy of Crap Eyewear

We’re fans of the stylish designs of Crap Eyewear no matter what, but this Hello Kitty-inspired look and case takes the cake.

14Stance x Sanrio Socks: Chococat, $12

Courtesy of Stance

You don’t even have to be a sock lover to recognize the swag of these socks. Even Chococat himself is decked out in a stylish blue scarf.

15NYLON x Sanrio: Badtz-Maru Skater Skirt, $45

Courtesy of NYLON

This high-waisted Badt-Maru skirt is ideal for when you or your friend want to channel some unparalleled attitude.

16Hello Kitty 2-Tier Lunch Container Set: Dots, $20

Courtesy of Sanrio

This adorable lunch container has two stackable containers with vents so your pal can keep their lunch warm all winter.

17My Melody Stationery Set In Carry Case: Friends, $20

Courtesy of Sanrio

This pale pink carrying case includes a lined memo pad, a small metal case, and a pen for your pal’s serious business needs.

18tokidoki x Hello Kitty Long Wallet: Cosmic, $28.50

Courtesy of tokidoki

This psychedelic wallet features Hello Kitty and her Tokidoki friends Sandy, Ciao Ciao, Latte, so your BFF will be in good company.

19NYLON x Sanrio: Badtz-Maru Crop Top, $40

Courtesy of NYLON

Who says you have to sacrifice your sense of style for your love of Hello Kitty’s gang?!

20Sanrio x Stance Socks: Blossoms, $20

Courtesy of Stance

These socks are like a vision of Hello Kitty on a positive mushroom trip, and who among us can resist that beauty?

21Hello Kitty Die-Cut iPhone 7 Case: Retro, $37

Courtesy of Sanrio

This iPhone case features the classic design of Sanrio’s red Hello Kitty film camera, so you can text in retro fashion.

22Hello Kitty Rounded Toe Flats, $72

Courtesy of Sanrio

Not only do these flats feature detailed illustrations of the Sanrio gang in the interior, but they also have an embroidered bow on one side and an embroidery of Hello Kitty on the other.

23FILA X Sanrio For Urban Outfitters Crew Neck Sweatshirt, $69

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

This is the coziest way to express your love to your S.O.

24NYLON x Sanrio: Little Twin Stars Cap, $29.99

Courtesy of NYLON

Your friend will never have a bad hair day again with this adorable cap.

25Little Twin Stars Tee: Unicorn, $12.50

Courtesy of Sanrio

Sanrio’s adorable Kiki and Lala are literally riding a unicorn. This is everything.

We hope these Sanrio-inspired goodies have transported you into a brightly-colored land full of animated friends or at least given you some cute gift ideas.