Credit: Lori Andrews / Getty Images

Out with the old, and in the new! At least, that’s what we’re all telling ourselves during the new year. If you’re like us and following the yearly closet clean-out ritual, we may have some info that could help you make a little extra cash while doing so. Kate Franco from Poshmark just shared the top reselling brands on the app, and we’re all ears!

According to the Senior Director of Merchandising, popular brands like Ugg, Nike, Michael Kors, Lululemon, Louis Vuitton, The North Face and Kendra Scott will guarantee to resale quickly on the platform. That’s good news for all you high-fashion junkies out there!

As long as the brands living in your closet are in good condition, you can get a major resale payout!

And paying a visit to Poshmark is super easy, too! Just download the app, create a login, upload pics of your clothing, and watch the dough roll in.

What’s even better about the resale market is that you can browse the site for major discounts on the pieces you’ve been eyeing.

It’s the perfect place to shop guilt-free and fashionable at the same time!

With Poshmark on our side, we’ll never feel bad about investing in our wardrobes again.