Jessica Wang
December 12, 2017 4:11 pm
HelloGiggles/Anna Buckley

While Rory Gilmore and Paris Geller made an imitable pair within the walls of Chilton and Yale University, Rory and BFF Lane Kim remained the best Gilmore Girls friendship. A fierce rock n’ roll persona often robbed of substantial plot lines, Lane still brought lovable energy to the screen as a talented drummer for Hep Alien and later, doting mom to twins following subpar honeymoon sex in Mexico. With an encyclopedic knowledge of music and books, Lane proved to be the ultimate BFF counterpart to Rory as they navigated boys (I miss you, Dave Rygalski), universities and religion, and a small town governed by the peculiar Taylor Doose.

Our own BFF situations don’t diverge very far from Rory and Lane’s. Life would be awfully bleak if we lacked our BFF person — a BFF with whom we can discuss the complexities of sex among books (“Not around the books, Lane”), with whom we can grab a cheeseburger and coffee, or with whom we aggressively dance along to The Ramones or solemnly ponder the lyricisms of PJ Harvey.

To celebrate the Lane Kims to our Rory Gilmores (or the Rory Gilmores to our Lane Kims), we’ve compiled a holiday gift guide for the witty bestie in your lives. From purple hair dye to rebel against your mother to autobiographies of the greats, shop these items for your BFF.

1 “M Train” by Patti Smith


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2 Drum Set and Initial Necklace


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3 Crosley Cream Bluetooth Record Player

Urban Outfitters

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4 Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” LP Vinyl

Urban Outfitters

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5 Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in “Moonchild”


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6 “Girl in a Band: A Memoir” by Kim Gordon


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7 Edgar Allan Poe-ka Dots Pouch

Out of Print

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8 Kreafunk aHead Wireless Headphones


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9 Illume Boulangerie Espresso Candle


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10 Look Human “babette ate oatmeal!” Tee

Look Human

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11 Gilmore Girls Name List Tote

Cafe Press

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12 The 125 Collection “Feminist AF” Candle

The 125 Collection

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13Vintage Stars Hollow Poster


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14Vintage Luke’s Diner Poster


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15Vintage Dragonfly Inn and Restaurant Poster


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Mrs. Kim might not approve.