Jessica Wang
December 13, 2017 1:37 pm
HelloGiggles/Anna Buckley

While 2017 has been a dumpster fire of a year, it hasn’t been without its feminist victories. In January, the Women’s March resulted in a global protest advocating for inclusion and equality. In March, “Fearless Girl” was installed on Wall Street and sparked a national conversation on female empowerment and gender equality. In July, U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters shut down Treasury Sec. Steven Mnuchin in the now famous “reclaiming my time” clip and marked a powerful reclamation for women and people of color. In October, exposés ousted Harvey Weinstein as a serial sexual assaulter and led to the disintegration of powerful men and a cultural reckoning with the formidable #MeToo movement.

All these events signify a turning point in feminist history. While pussy grabbers sit in the highest level of public office, powerful men prey on vulnerable individuals in the workplace, and women are repeatedly diminished in their fields, our country has also mobilized. Much like “Fearless Girl,” this generation will nourish a brighter and better feminist future through the next generation of culture shifters.

To celebrate the miniature feminists who will shape our future America, we’ve compiled the ultimate feminist gift guide for the phenomenal children in your lives.

1Anthropologie Little Feminist Puzzle


To unwind with a pouch of Caprisun.

Buy here, $14.

2Rachel Antonoff “Hysterical Female” Kid Tee

Rachel Antonoff

To change into after P.E.

Buy here, $35.

3Anthropologie Little Feminist Playing Cards


To make use of during recess.

Buy here, $13.

4Fight Like a Girl: 50 Feminists Who Changed the World by Laura Barcella


To read while snacking on milk and cookies.

Buy here, $9.20.

5GRL PWR Throw Pillow


To use for naps after science homework.

Buy here, $20.

6Female Symbol Necklace


To accompany the usual bedazzled jewelry from Claire’s.

Buy here, $10.

7“The Future is Female” Print


To hang next to that poster of Harry Styles.

Buy here, $5+.

8Malala Yousafzai Pin


To inspire a new day of education.

Buy here, $9.77.

9The Feminist Activity Book by Gemma Correll

Urban Outfitters

To engage with before bedtime.

Buy here, $12.

10Frida Kahlo Crossbody Bag


To store all that loose change for ice cream.

Buy here, $24+.

11Feminist Backpack


To replace those worn out Jansports.

Buy here, $17.92.

12 Wonder Woman Tee and Cape Set

Hanna Andersson

To wear to advocate for equality.

Buy here, $42.

13“The Future is Female” Notebook


To doodle in during homeroom.

Buy here, $16.

14 Wonder Woman Metal Lunchbox


To carry nonperishable fuel to smash the patriarchy.

Buy here, $9.

Go forth and nourish those phenomenal children.