Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Dec 06, 2016 @ 4:39 pm
Credit: The CW

It remains to be seen if there will ever be a more visually appealing and adorable show on television than Jane the Virgin, but for now, we are just going to keep on thoroughly enjoying those lush visuals and insane story lines! We’re obsessed with the color-rich scenery and love all the little touches on the show that make it so vibrant. If you have a friend who is a die-hard fan, then why not get them some Jane-themed gifts for the holidays? Or even better, treat yourself!

There’s so much happening on the show that there’s definitely something that will stand out and make the perfect gift.

Whether it’s a dress like the kind Jane adorably wears or home decor that reminds you of the Marbella, there are plenty of options when looking for Jane-themed goodies. And hey, if nothing floats your boat, you can always just print out a picture of Rafael shirtless!

Here are 12 Jane the Virgin-themed gifts that you and your equally obsessed friends will love!

Season 1 DVD, $27.99.

Credit: The CW

That way you can just binge watch it over and over and over…

Society 6’s Jane the Virgin Throw Pillow, $18.

Credit: Society 6

An adorable and relatively subtle nod to the show!

Rafael Magnets, $10.

Credit: Etsy

Who doesn’t want this cutie staring at them every time they hit the fridge?

Jane Travel Mug, $25.

Credit: Redbubble

Keep her close even when you’re on the go!

Pillar Candles, $4.

Credit: West Elm

Janes loves having candles around to set the mood, and you do too!

And if we’re channeling Jane, we need a couple outfits that really embody her spirit, don’t you think?

Modcloth The Real Ahoy Denim Dress, $79.99.

Credit: Modcloth

Don’t you just love when Jane wears blue?

Modcloth My Sunday Zest A-Line Dress, $74.99.

Credit: Modcloth

We can totally picture her wearing this to a picnic!

Steve Madden Paso Wedge, $99.95

Credit: Steve Madden

You know Jane loves a good wedge sandal!

The Passions of Santos Mug, $14.99.

Credit: Cafepress

For when she wants that coffee at home!

Cross Necklace, $23.

Credit: Etsy

A necklace just like Jane’s!

Sunbeam Panini Press, $24.99.

Credit: Target

So your friend can make their own grilled cheese!

Marbella Tee Shirt, $26.99.

Credit: Cafepress

Who doesn’t want to look like one of Rafael’s employees?

How cute is all this swag? You’re sure to find something that will evoke the vibe of the show for your Jane-obsessed friend, and they’ll be forever grateful!