It’s finally summer! And while most of us may want to turn our attention to bright whites and light pinks, there’s an unexpected color that you should have on your radar. Navy blue is back (according to e-commerce site Parcel), and wants you to reconsider it as a summer staple. Black is perfect for the colder months, but navy? Navy has no season. Instead, the color acts as a lighter counterpart to your black-on-black looks, and as a gothic replacement for all your sunny brights. See? This makes sense.

The best part is that it is easy to incorporate navy into your wardrobe. Whether you’re grabbing a dark denim jacket or some navy blue brogues — little statements go a long way.

Credit: Robert Kamau/ Getty

Doesn’t matter if you’re committing to navy-on-navy or just “seeing” the color without commitment. Taking navy out for a spin can’t hurt, because the worst that can happen is that you, well, go back to black.

If you’re inspired to try the shade for yourself, read on for our 11 favorite navy blue pieces to give your summer ~the blues~.

1Zara “Satin Bow Slides”

Credit: Zara

Buy here for $39.90.

2Forever 21 “Corduroy Button-Front Skirt”

Credit: Forever21

Buy here for $15.90.

3H&M “Linen Scoop-neck Top”

Credit: H&M

Buy here for $9.99.

4Charlotte Russe “Tied Skater Wrap Dress”

Credit: Charlotte Russe

Buy here for $15.

5Lulus “Memorable Night Navy Blue Floral Print Maxi Dress”

Credit: Lulus

Buy here for $49.

6Shopbop “Only Hearts Tulle Long Sleeve Top”

Credit: Shopbop

Buy here for $37.80.

7Make Me Chic “Navy Tie Dye Print Halter Neck Top”

Credit: MakeMeChic

Buy here for $7.99.

8Lulus “Dance It Out Navy Blue Backless Romper”

Credit: Lulus

Buy here for $24.

9Topshop “Shopper Bag by Adidas Originals”

Credit: Topshop

Buy here for $40.

10Zara “Stretch Denim Crop Top”

Credit: Zara

Buy here for $22.90.

11Nordstrom Pleione “Bell Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress”

Credit: Nordstrom

Buy here for $41.40.