Jessica Ellis
December 18, 2016 2:34 pm
Buena Vista/Disney

Listen, we all like mermaids, but there’s liking them and there’s being able to recite all of Ariel’s dialogue from The Little Mermaid. So if you’ve got that one pal who takes her obligatory mermaid appreciation to the next level, that’s the sweet spot to hit for the perfect holiday present.

OR, if you’re the mermaid enthusiast, these are the 10 perfect gifts to start dropping hints about. But shopping days til Christmas are limited, and the sea waits for no maid! Get hopping on these amazing mermaid-themed presents before any sea-witches can spoil your plans with shipping delays!

1. Gorgeous scale earrings for the minimalist maid.

Snag these beauties in three different colors for only $13 at LunaSavita on Etsy.

2. Extreme truth from the sea and vine.

Grab this universal truth for but $11.50 at PearLilly on Etsy.

3. For the nester….yes, mermaids can have nests.

You DARN WELL KNOW you will win the winter holiday of your choice with this blanket. Grab it on sale at RoseGal in about a billion colors.

4. For the sweater enthusiast:

We hesitate to call this an ugly sweater because NEVER, but we love the idea of hitting an ugly party sweater in it nonetheless. Grab at LookHuman for $29.99.

5. For the bookworm with a sea obsession.


This classic collection of short stories by one of fantasy’s most feminist writers, Robin McKinley, and the late, great Peter Dickinson, will fulfill their need for watery tales of all kind, including a mermaidy romance story. Grab on Amazon for $8.99

6. For the green thumb, even if it’s for seaweed!

Of course they need a mermaid terrarium, how is that even a question. Find at the Beach Cottage Boutique on Etsy.

7. For the chef (as she sings “Le Poisson!”)

Overly Attached Decals/Amazon

We’re blowing bubbles of joy for this decal set, especially for your mixer, from Overly Attached Decals. Find for just $9.99 at Amazon!

8. For the luxury bather.


Baths will never be the same with this ncredibly atmospheric shower curtain available at CafePress.

9. For the shoe fan.


These nautical-print beauties are all ready to get sandy at the beach. $59.99 at Modcloth.

10. To add to their jewel chest.

These seaglass pendants are the perfect addition to any treasure trove. From $26 at LaniMakana on Etsy.