These shopping baskets ensure you never have to talk to a salesperson again if you don’t want to

Technology these days is a wonderful aid for introverts (and just plain misanthropes) or anyone whose energy is totally drained after talking to people all day. Now instead of knocking on our neighbors’ doors to see if they have a hammer we could borrow, we can use apps to find out if they have one or just order one for delivery. This one retail chain has gone a step farther in helping us avoid contact with other people and it’s not even all that high tech. It’s just shopping baskets that let salespeople know if you ned help or not. It’s a pretty great idea.

Shopping at the store can be hard for introverts or just someone who wants their alone time. You know how when you need help from a salesperson you can’t find an available employee anywhere in the store, yet when you know exactly what you need and just want to get in and out, the salespeople won’t stop asking you if you need help? These shopping baskets fix all of that and it doesn’t even use fancy technology but rather the age-old method of labeling.


Color-coded baskets!! The green one says “I can do myself,” and the orange says, “I need help.”

Why didn’t we think of this sooner? According to The Daily Dot, this revolutionary shopping basket-labeling first appeared in an Innisfree, a popular Korean beauty supply store that can be found in various cities around Asia.

This photo of the baskets was shared on Reddit by a user called hand and fellow Redditors immediately began voicing their opinions. Hey, what else is Reddit for?

Some thought of possible hazards:


Others clarified the ingenuity of the system by providing some context:


And then another person spoke about their own personal experience, that a lot of people deal with when they’re in a store just browsing.


Reddit user Grant_Young’s comment is a great insight into how and why this shopping basket system could improve the shopping experience for people who suffer from social anxiety. NOBODY should have to leave LUSH before they have bought all of the bath bombs they could ever dream of. Here’s hoping that they get some color-coded shopping baskets for the people who just can’t be bothered!

If there’s one thing we learned from Pretty Woman it’s that overbearing sales clerks can ruin an entire shopping experience.

Happy shopping, introverts!

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