Get ready to pucker up, because you can shop Urban Decay’s Vice Lip Topcoats

Prepare for a massive pucker, because today’s the day you can finally get your lips on Urban Decay’s Vice Special Effects Lip Topcoats! If you haven’t heard of the highly-anticipated lip goodie yet, then you’re in for a treat. As you probably know, any product that hails from Urban Decay is bound to be a glorious, pigment-packed confection. The new topcoats are just that and more, proving to be a revolutionary lip topper that will transform any lipstick or gloss color from meh to magical.

When we learned of the very existence of such lip topcoats, we almost lost it. But after Urban Decay unveiled even more info about these groundbreaking goodies earlier this months, our minds were on the verge of explosion from the anticipation. So thankfully for us (but not our wallets), the wait is over.

Just look at that impressive lineup — 12 glorious shades that come in every metallic, glitter, and shimmer shade of the rainbow.

From punchy shades like smoky green Circuit to gold metallic 3rd Degre, these lip topcoats will up the ante of any of your favorite lipsticks or glosses. Or if you’re feeling extra bold, you can apply them alone.

And while it won’t be *great* for our bank accounts when we shell out some serious cash for one of each shade, the lip topcoats are pretty reasonably priced at just $18 a pop.

If you’ve been low-key stalking taking copious notes on this brand new lip topcoat, you’ll remember it’s actually a smooth cream-gel formula designed to dry in the blink of an eye (AKA, no unwanted smearing). They’ve got a totally smooth and non-sticky feel. They’re waterproof. And like the magic wands they are, they’re guaranteed to give you an otherworldly-good pout.

Now take heed, kiddos: run don’t walk to Ulta’s website or Urban Decay’s site right now to get your hands on these all-new Lip Topcoats. Because if these lippy gems are half as good as we think they are, they’ll be sold out in a flash!

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