If you have an uncommon bra size, here’s where you should shop

Despite what some major apparel chains might have you believe (I’m looking at you, Victoria’s Secret), not all of us fall neatly on a scale of 32A – 34D when it comes to our bra size. According to Triumph International, who conducted a survey of 10,000 women, 76 percent of respondents admitted they were wearing the wrong bra size and 73 percent of women agreed that wearing the wrong undergarments caused a loss of confidence. Clearly, women need more options when it comes to buying intimate apparel. If you’re struggling with straps that dig or underwires that poke, read on for stores that offer a wide range of sizes and styles.


It may come as a surprise, but Aerie is a great choice if you have a band size smaller than 32. The brand goes down to a 28-inch band size, and also offers a lot of choices for women with more shallow bust-lines. They also go up to a 38-inch band size for the bustier among us. With a good range of choices and their un-Photoshopped advertising (plus their constant sales), what’s not to love?


For those of us who are more full-figured, Freya is a great choice — their sizes range from a B to K cup and they also sport band sizes from 28 to 40. Their Deco collection is incredibly popular and very well-reviewed.


If you log onto True&Co’s website, the first thing they try to suss out is your true size via an online quiz. The brand is clearly committed to getting women to wear the right bra size, and they offer personalized recommendations for all of their online shoppers. They officially offer a size range of 32A – 38DD, but also sell products outside of those sizes, as well.

The Little Bra Company

For petite women, The Little Bra Company is a godsend. They offer rare sizes from 28–38A, 28–36B and 28–34C. The bras are also designed on a petite scale to flatter smaller figures, and the company also doesn’t assume that those of us with smaller busts want extra padding like other stores.

Lula Lu Petites

Featuring a size range of 32AA – 36B, Lula Lu Petites offers a really nice set of basic bras for everyday wear, in addition to cute camisoles and undies. Another must-see if you’re on the smaller side.

Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate is perfect for those of us with full busts. They offer band sizes from 28 – 44 and cup sizes from D to K in eye-popping colors and the cutest prints.

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