Here are 16 swimwear items to shop on Amazon, and they’re all under $20

The process of swimsuit shopping can be a veritable nightmare. No matter how much you love going to the beach, the perfect storm of fluorescent lighting and questionably sanitary crotch protectors can make swimwear shopping a terrifying blur. Luckily, there are cute swimsuit options from Amazon that can be mailed directly to your door.

That’s right: No traumatizing lighting or waiting in dressing room lines. And Amazon’s wide variety of swimsuit options are actually cute. Whether you’re a fan of high-waisted vintage bikinis, or living more for the flurry of stylish one-piece swimsuits, the online shopping overlords at Amazon have it all.

In order to assist you on your journey to the perfect swimsuit, we’ve rounded up 16 of our favorite swimwear options from Amazon!

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Breathe easy, they’re all under $20.

1Fancyskin Pushup One-piece Monokini from Amazon, $19

2Esonlar high-waisted bikini from Amazon, $14

3Fancyskin High-waisted 50s Bow Bikini from Amazon, $18

4Girl and Sea High-waist Wrap Bikini from Amazon, $16

5Dreamsoar Women’s Fringe Two Piece from Amazon, $18

6Sondiborn Criss Cross Monokini from Amazon, $4

7Cocoship Retro Bikini from Amazon, $19.99

8Aiffles Crop Top Bikini from Amazon, $19.99

9Danify Tankini Bathing Suit Dress from Amazon, $12

10Fancyskin 50s Vintage Pin-up One Piece from Amazon, $19

11Gigaga High-waisted Bikini from Amazon, $19.99

12Newbely Criss Cross Bathing Suit from Amazon, $19

13American Trend Retro Fringe Bikini from Amazon, $15

14Unisweet Polka Dot Bikini from Amazon, $16

15Evaless Halter Bikini from Amazon, $10

16Cocopear Halter One Piece from Amazon, $19.99


Bonus! Bikini Cover Beach Dress from Amazon, $9


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