The summer bag you’ll want to take everywhere, based on your zodiac sign

Summer is basically here, which means we’re ditching our dark and thick winter totes for something lighter and brighter. From straw to lighter leather to bamboo, the summer bag styles we’re seeing on the market already have us obsessed, and it’s been hard to choose just one fave. So we decided to use astrology to help us find a new warm weather accessory that really suits our vibe.

According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, astrology can be used for more than just understanding your horoscope; it can also give insights into your style preferences. To help us (and you!) out, we consulted her on what summer bag you’re bound to love based on your zodiac sign. This is what she had to say.

Aries: Fjallraven Kanken Belt Bag


Shop it! $50, [tempo-ecommerce src=” SIZE&quantity=1″ title=”” context=”body”]

Aries, you’ve got places to go and people to see, which is why you need a bag that’s practical and easy. “Your innate independent vibe will love to go hands free, which is why a belt bag is the best bet for your handbag choice,” Stardust says. We recommend this tried-and-true staple: [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”a Fjallraven Kanken belt bag” context=”body”].

Taurus: Everlane Micro Form Bag


Shop it! $98, [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”” context=”body”]

You’re likely into cute miniatures, Taurus, so a bag in that style will help you embrace the adorableness. “As a lover of fine things, a tiny bag will be a little something extra to wear with your attire,” Stardust says. We’ve very into the Everlane Micro Form Bag in pink sand and we think you will be too (but it’s also available in red).

Gemini: BP. Mini Faux Leather Backpack


Shop it! $59, [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”” context=”body”]

As the social butterfly of the zodiac, you often find yourself flitting between one event and the next, so you’ll want a convenient bag that can keep up. “You need something light to carry your objects in, and a mini backpack is ideal for you to live free, without restrictions,” Stardust suggests. We’re digging BP.’s Mini Faux Leather Backpack (in this cognac tone or in black) for all of our backpack needs.

Cancer: Everlane Women’s ReNew Traveler Tote


Shop it! $70, [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”” context=”body”]

“As the maternal sign of the zodiac, you’re always taking care of those around you—which is why a large tote bag will help you carry all the items you need to assist others,” Stardust says. Go ahead: Bring those extra water bottles and granola bars for your crew. They’ll thank you as you whip out your provisions from your Everlane ReNew Traveler Tote. Buy it in this dusty blue or in the pale pink shade.

Leo: Anthropologie Sienna Crossbody Bag


Shop it! $119.95, [tempo-ecommerce src=” Size&quantity=1″ title=”” context=”body”]

Leo, like the sun itself, you’re fiery and the center of the universe, and you need a bag that will meet you on that level. “You’re a baller by nature, which is why a crossbody chain bag will boost your fierce vibe,” Stardust says. We like this crossbody from Anthropologie because the fuchsia color is basically your essence. Buy it in bright green, too.

Virgo: Free People Bastille Sun Tote


Shop it! $68, [tempo-ecommerce src=” Size&quantity=1″ title=”” context=”body”]

“Your organic sensibilities will fall head over heels for a [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”straw bag” context=”body”] to carry your items in this summer,” notes Stardust. The Bastille Sun Tote from Free People just looks like a carefree summer on the beach waiting to happen.

Libra: Kate Spade Toujours Chain Clutch


Shop it! $228, [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”” context=”body”]

It may be the hottest time of the year, but that doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing on elegance, Libra. “Wearing a luxurious clutch bag will suit your decadent persona when you go out to the club or even when you’re at home dressing up,” Stardust says. We love Kate Spade’s bags because they are the picture of New York City sophistication, and the Toujours Chain Clutch is all that in a tiny package.

Scorpio: AMI Suede Shoulder Sling Bag


Shop it! $68, [tempo-ecommerce src=” Size&quantity=1″ title=”” context=”body”]

Just like you, Scorpio, a sling bag communicates an effortless confidence. “A sling bag will help you deliver zingers with your stingers to those in your social circle,” Stardust says. We’re adding the AMI Suede Shoulder Sling Bag in this rust shade to our cart—and adding the cream and black shades to our wish list for now.

Sagittarius: Anthropologie Alison Woven Tote Bag


Shop it! $69.95, [tempo-ecommerce src=” Size&quantity=1″ title=”” context=”body”]

According to Stardust, you like a woven bag with a few holes in it. “Your honest nature will require you to wear a bag that’s see-through and transparent,” she says. The Alison Woven Tote from Anthropologie is just that, but we can’t decide if we like the neutral or moss shade best. It’s also available in black, dusty blue, and white.

Capricorn: Anthropologie Kayla Convertible Wristlet


Shop it! $48, [tempo-ecommerce src=” Size&quantity=1″ title=”” context=”body”]

As the workaholic of the zodiac, you move from one networking event to the next, and so you need something easy that will carry the essentials along with you. Stardust suggests a wristlet for this purpose, and we’re huge fans of the Anthropologie Kayla Convertible Wristlet. Buy it in tan, turquoise (pictured here), white, gold, or black.

Aquarius: Sole Society Nikole Faux Leather Bucket Bag


Shop it! $64.95, [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”” context=”body”]

“The bucket bag can serve as your loving cup—you can fill it up with goodies that you adore,” Stardust says. We’re feeling a nice bucket bag moment, and the Sole Society Nikole Faux Leather Bucket Bag is serving it to us.

Pisces: Anthropologie Alana Woven Bamboo Tote


Shop it! $100, [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”” context=”body”]

As the sign of the fish, you’re looking for something nautical when it comes to your summer bag. “This bag will remind you of a sea net and give you plenty of space for your collectibles (sea glass, sand, and seashells),” Stardust says. Anthropologie’s Alana Woven Bamboo Tote looks like if both Mamma Mia! movies became a handbag, and we know you’ll love that.

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