Here’s how you can shop Kat Von D’s new Saint and Sinner perfumes *before* their release date

It should surprise no one that Kat Von D has revived one of her brand’s most popular products: fragrance — it was only a matter of time. We’ve all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Kat Von D Beauty Saint and Sinner Perfumes, and for those lucky enough to have the Sephora app, you can make them yours today.

These wildly beloved perfumes couldn’t be more representative of Kat and her brand. They encompass the aesthetic perfectly, and it doesn’t get much better than that romantic, gothic, handcrafted packaging that Kat is so famous for.

The Kat Von D Beauty Saint and Sinner Perfumes are available now on the Sephora app for $65.

The fragrances will be widely available in stores on July 13th.

These perfumes have their own very unique scent profile. Saint notes are incredibly sweet, with fresh clary sage and sparkling mirabellé plum top notes with a heart of almond flower, miguel, and jasmine petals and bottom notes of cedarwood, vanilla, peach skin, and musk.

Sinner is infused with mandarin notes with orange blossom and plum. Its heart incorporates jasmine essences with white flowers and cinnamon, and a base of vetiver, patchouli, wood, vanilla, and musk.

Both scents sound rich, luxurious, and unbelievably sexy in their own ways.

The Kat Von D Beauty Saint and Sinner Perfume will be available in travel sizes as well, for $22.

Just what we like to hear as we head into travel season.

If you’ve got the Sephora app, we highly recommend taking a gander at these gorgeous, revamped perfumes. There’s a reason fans have been begging Kat to re-release them for years. For the rest of us, July 13th can’t come fast enough.

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