What we know about the New Mexico school shooting

News broke on December 7th that a shooting had occurred in a New Mexico public school. The New Mexico State Police have confirmed that two students at Aztec High School, as well as the shooter, were killed, though they have not confirmed if the shooter was a student as well.

According to CNN, Aztec, in San Juan County, is a small town in northwest New Mexico about three hours from Albuquerque. Authorities have also reported that there are “some injuries,” though no information has been released on how many people were injured, nor the extent of the injuries. They also noted that the families of the victims have all been notified.

Garret Parker, an Aztec High student interviewed by KAOT 7 News, described the terrifying incident, saying,

"At first it sounded like kids were just banging on the lockers, but it started getting closer and louder. It was obvious they were gun shots. We could hear gun shots right outside of our door. [...] Thankfully our teacher always locks his door no matter what. When they called over the intercom that this was not a drill we went to the corner of the classroom out of site of the door, and we just started hiding."

New Mexico State Police tweeted that there will be a press conference today at 3 p.m. PST where further details will be released.

Our hearts are with the victims, their loved ones, and everyone affected by this tragedy. We’ll be monitoring the situation as it develops.