Shonda Rhimes shows everyone how Twitter is done, again

Shonda Rhimes is really good at TV. Like, she’s so good at making shows that ABC just gave her all of Thursday night, the best TV night of the week, so that her shows “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal,” and “How To Get Away With Murder” could all hang out together on the same night. What other showrunner on television is bequeathed an entire NIGHT with which to dominate television? I think…. no one? That’s just how good Shonda is at TV.

But wait, Shonda Rhimes is also really good at Twitter. She’s quite brilliant at spotting trouble and shutting it down with wit and poise, and that’s just what she did recently. It happened on Sunday that some terribly lost soul posted the following ridiculousness on Twitter:

 And so Shonda of Shondaland got to work:

And then she kept on going and being awesome:

And then she wrapped things up on a very sweet note:

It’s not the first time Ms. Rhimes taught everyone what’s what on Twitter.

When the should-never-have-been-published New York Times Alessandra Stanley piece “How To Get Away With Being An Angry Black Woman”  came out, in which Stanley misguidedly framed Rhimes herself as angry AND mislabeled her as the creator of How to Get Away With Murder, Rhimes shot back on Twitter, correcting the author’s factual and offensive errors in one fell swoop.

See, this is why I love this woman. She stands up for what she believes in, she uses the public forum to educate, she uses her rapier wit for good, and then she preaches love and acceptance and gets back to work (or yoga). She doesn’t cower, but she doesn’t waste any time turning an offensive moment into a teachable one. She gets it done quickly because she is a BUSY woman running ABC’s Thursdays nights.

So yes, get back to work Shonda, go write steamy Olivia-Fitz scenes for us to die over, but before you go just a super quick thank you for being so amaze on television and on Twitter.

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