We now know even more about Shondaland’s newest show

We all agree that Shonda Rhimes owns network TV. Right? Well, her empire is growing even more with the new medical drama she has in the works. The show doesn’t have a name yet, but from what we do know, it sounds like it will be amazing.

The show takes place in 2004 and follows a U.S. Army Medevac team stationed in Baghdad. They’re heroes who risk their lives to save others. Oh, and exchange witty banter while they’re at it. What’s a Shondaland production without witty banter?

This project is in good hands: Zoanne Clack will write the script, while Shonda and Betsy Beers will executive produce. Clack has plenty of experience to draw from, as she worked with the CDC in international emergency medicine for a year. The trio has been working together for, well, ever.

“I came in before Shondaland started,” Clack has said to The Hollywood Reporter. “It was staffing season. I’m a physician, and they needed somebody like me for Grey’s Anatomy. It was Shonda and Jim Parriott, who was Stacy McKee’s boss initially, and they both gave me a chance because it was my second writing job after Presidio Med, which was a year before that.”

But let’s be clear — this new show is not another Grey’s spinoff. There are no plans to link characters or plot lines. “When we did our war episode where we saw Owen’s past and the history of his PTSD, I always thought that was an amazing world, with the idea of a MASH unit,” Rhimes said. “There are a lot of different worlds for a spinoff. Right now, Grey’s is doing its thing and doing it well, and we don’t need another spinoff at this moment in time.” Color us excited.

Do you think Shonda ever goes on vacation? She’s one of the busiest people in the business! But hey, as long as she wants to keep putting out amazing shows we will definitely keep watching them.

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