Our fave TV creator Shonda Rhimes is developing another new show for ABC

Television belongs to Shonda Rhimes, and we will watch whatever she brings to prime time. Once again, she’s got a brand new show in the works for ABC, but this one is a departure from doctors-in-love, Gladiators, and law students.  This one is going to be a comedy.

Shondaland, Rhimes’ production company and the amusement park of our dreams, is in the middle of developing a brand new half-hour comedy called, Splitsville. While Rhimes oversees Shondaland, she won’t be in charge of Splitsville (just like how she’s not in charge of How To Get Away With Murder). Instead, that task will fall on the shoulders of Emily Halpern and Sarah Haskins, who created Trophy Wife, the funny, short-lived, and oddly named former comedy at ABC.

What’s Splitsville going to be about? Not bowling, even though there are LOTS of bowling alleys out there named Splitsville. Instead, Splitsville will be about “single residents of a suburban cul-de-sac who join forces to raise their kids and weather the storm in the wake of a wave of divorces.”

Kinda sounds like Modern Family meets Cougar Town meets Desperate Housewives… meets Scandal? There (hopefully) won’t be any murder and mayhem on Splitsville, but then again, everything from Shondaland loves to surprise us. The show was sold to ABC and is part of Shondaland’s 2015 development season. The earliest we’d see this new show on TV would be 2016, and whenever it comes, we are READY.

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