Shonda Rhimes finally tells us why she killed off McDreamy and it’s kinda romantic

Last season, our Seattle Grace world was rocked when Derek Shepherd was killed off of Grey’s Anatomy. It was a majorly shocking turn of events, especially since Derek had been around since the very beginning of the show’s run. And then, of course, just literally EVERYTHING about his love story with Meredith Grey. Fans hardcore mourned the loss of McDreamy and Grey’s Anatomy’s showrunner, Shonda Rhimes, remained pretty tight-lipped about her decision to kill him off. But on Tuesday, during a talk at the Television Critics Association’s press tour, she revealed why he had go to out the way he did.

Grab a handful of tissues, and read on.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Rhimes told the crowd of reporters that, “The decision to have the character die was not a difficult one.” Patrick Dempsey had asked to leave the show, and with that in mind, there was really only one way for it to happen. He had to be killed off. As Rhimes explained,

His death was the worst. Most certainly one of the 10 Worst TV Deaths on television ever. Don’t even think about Meredith’s decision to take him off life-support, and oh gosh, now we’re all thinking about that, and I’m so so sorry.

So even though he had to die the way he did, he died still loving Meredith. Through all of this, their love has remained the strongest, and she’s going to keep on loving him until the end of time. We will, too, McDreamy.

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