Shonda Rhimes is maaaaybe changing her mind about that whole never-getting-married thing

Shonda Rhimes is one of the busiest people in Hollywood/the world. As the head of her production company, Shondaland, Shonda is practically responsible for ABC’s entire evening line up. She has three shows and three children, all of whom she loves dearly.

As far as letting a dude into that picture, Shonda’s not interested in letting anyone put a ring on it. In September, she told Entertainment Weekly that, even though she is open to dating, she does not want to get married. While she recognized that her friends and family would need to be convinced of her decision, she said that saying the words out loud was a huge relief.

“Now if somebody says, ‘Are you looking for that?’ I say, ‘Nope, looking for a boyfriend, not a husband,’ ” she said. “And there’s a freedom to that. There’s no pressure if you’re not looking for it.”

Shonda is currently publicizing her first book, The Year of Yes, which documents 365 days of the writer/producer taking her sister’s advice to live a little and saying yes to anything that terrifies her. This includes appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, giving a commencement speech at Dartmouth, and doing a cameo on The Mindy Project. But does it mean she now might say yes to a proposal? The answer is … maayyybeeee.

“I don’t know. As I said in the book, maybe [I’ll be ready] when I’m 75 or when my youngest in graduating from college, who knows,” Shonda shared in a recent interview with People. “Maybe I’ll change my mind but right now I don’t see it.”And that’s ok! Everyone should follow their own path. If you know what’s right for you, why would you do anything else?

Shonda revealed that she’s become more open to developing a serious relationship, but she’s definitely not ready for any men to move into her home. “I’m like, just live next door,” she said. “Live across the street!”

Honestly, anyone who gets to live across the street from Shonda Rhimes is a very lucky someone.

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