7 shocking things that happened at Alexandria during “The Walking Dead” midseason finale

Breathe, friends, breathe. If you’re like us, you barely noticed that you were holding your breathe during tonight’s death-heavy midseason finale of The Walking Dead. A lot of super dramatic things happened, and most of them occurred at Alexandria. Season 7 of The Walking Dead with its violent premiere shocked us plenty. Tonight we got a little more of that

1Negan makes dinner.

The bat-slinging baddie is, surprisingly, rather domestic. While he and Carl await Rick’s return, they cook dinner. Carl makes rolls, while Negan takes on some spaghetti, and the sauce. He may be a fearsome murderer, but it looks as though Negan can also cook.

2Aaron gets beaten for no reason.

While Spencer is cozying up to Negan, Rick and Aaron return with supplies. The Saviors that accompanied Negan to Alexandria decide to beat Aaron, because they can. Forcing Rick to watch, they mercilessly kick and punch him. Luckily, they seem to let up before they do lasting damage.

3Spencer gets himself killed.

Spencer trash-talks Rick to Negan, and basically asks Negan to make him the leader of Alexandria (It’s no surprise, 90% of what Spencer has done all season is complain about Rick). What’s surprising, though, is that Negan thinks Spencer doesn’t have guts – but wants to see for sure. You can fill in the blanks from there, probably. We don’t really want to describe how gruesome it is.

4Rosita shoots Negan.

Well, almost. She shoots her gun, containing the one bullet Eugene made her. And it *almost* hits Negan – but it gets imbedded in his bat, Lucille, instead.

5Olivia dies.

Olivia, the warm, smart woman who kept track of all of Alexandria’s supplies, gets shot. It’s a random, quick death meant to make Rosita reveal the maker of her bullet. Still, Olivia (who slapped Negan last week when he propositioned her, because she was a boss) was really growing on us, and we’re sad to see her go.

6Negan takes Eugene.

Eugene finally admits he made Rosita’s bullet, so The Saviors take him. We’re a little nervous about this part – we’re not sure they really need him to make bullets, in which case they might be taking him just to make him suffer.

7Rick finally comes around.

The moment we have been WAITING for all season finally arrived! Rick, normally such a fighter, spent the season subdued after seeing two dear friends beaten to death by Negan. He resigned himself to living under Negan’s rule – but Michonne didn’t. She comes back from her failed attempt to find and kill Negan, and says, “We can fight them Rick. We can find a way to beat them. We can do this. But only if we do this.”

Rick replies, “I know that now.” And it’s ON. Alexandria is going to band with The Hilltop, and The Kingdom, to finally take Negan down!

Well, at least, that seems to be where things are headed. We won’t know for sure until The Walking Dead‘s midseason premiere in February, though. We can hardly wait!