Shirley Manson has a lot to say about beauty and feminism, which makes us love her all over again

When it comes to aging Shirley Manson isn’t afraid to speak up. The Garbage front-women has a lot to say about beauty and feminism, which makes us love her all over again. Shirley Manson’s comments on beauty standards are totally on point. “There’s definitely a global movement towards eradicating women’s rights across the globe,” she said, adding that younger generations have gotten complacent, “not really understanding that human rights get eroded constantly and you always have to be really vigilant to make sure that these rights that women have fought so hard for remain in place.”

She doesn’t forget the women that are “fighting everyday” like Michelle Obama, Grimes, and Serena Williams … any successful athlete, any engineer, any producer, I mean, everybody’s at it’.

Manson also feels like younger women put too much emphasis on beauty, especially in the age of social media:

"Unfortunately, it’s such an empty pursuit, really, to be told you’re beautiful. It’s kind of meaningless because there will always be another beautiful woman to follow, and I think women really need to shift their focus onto something that creates a foundation for them as they grow through life.

She added, “Nobody stays young and beautiful forever; therefore, build a platform on which you can stand through storms.”

Manson admits that in her younger days she fell victim to the pressure of adhering to specific beauty standards. ‘I was always feeling that I was falling short and, you know, looking back, I was young and beautiful, and I didn’t know I was, I was oblivious to that fact.’ Women face adversity on a daily basis, and we love that women are speaking like Manson are speaking up and using her platform to work towards equality!

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