And suddenly, we forgot about Kanye and got lost in Shirley Manson’s Facebook page

Garbage lead singer and ’90s rock icon, Shirley Manson, reappeared on our radars yesterday. Having been irked by Kanye’s Grammy blunder, Shirley shared an open, albeit scathing, letter to the rapper via Facebook, which you can read here. The letter garnered up quite a bit of publicity, sending an unexpected drove of supporters to the rocker’s Facebook page. Yeah, we were there. Actually we spent the whole day in a rabbit-hole of her page, just browsing status updates and photos catching up with EVERYTHING we missed in her super-cool life.

Turns out, Shirley Manson has a pretty awesome Facebook page (like we’re surprised)! It’s chock-full of magical throwbacks, behind-the-scenes snaps and, of course, a good helping of dog mom love. C’mon, you gotta get behind the dog mom love. Here are just a few incredible moments from the shining gem that is Shirley Manson’s Facebook.

Oh, did you want to see a picture of two women who redefined rock? Here you go.

We weren’t kidding when we said she shares “magical” throwbacks. Apparently, Meg complimented Shirley on her Marc Jacobs boots, to which Shirley replied, “One day YOU will have as many Marc Jacobs shoes as you want”. She was right. Now, please take a moment to appreciate this picture.

These are some of her besties. Recognize them, ’90s music fans?

It makes sense — ’90s alternative rock legends need to hang out with other alternative rock legends. She shared this spontaneous picture with Chris Connelly (singer/songwriter for Revolting Cocks/Ministry) and Matt Walker (former Smashing Pumpkins/Morrissey drummer), to whom she lovingly refers to as “this couple of twerps”.

Here she is kicking it with a couple of legends, Part II

Before hitting it big with Garbage, Shirley recorded under the name “Angelfish” in the early ’90s. After opening for The Ramones in NYC, she managed to capture this legendary shot backstage with Joey Ramone and Debbie Harry. Just another day in the life, huh?

Here’s a picture of her kind of freaking out before a performance.

Alright, so maybe we’re not going on stage and singing at the Pablove Foundation Benefit like Shirley Manson is, but she gets the pre-performance jitters just like the rest of us. She admits that singing in public is an anxiety filled conundrum. I’ll let her explain: “Isn’t it sad that singing in public. . ..which gives me such great joy, also terrifies me!?!??!?!?!?” Shirley, for what it’s worth, you just made a bunch of people feel a lot more normal.

This is her dog, whom she loves.

Maybe being a talented songwriter helps, but Shirley Manson wrote a fairly poetic masterpiece on the loyalty of dogs. Here’s a quick sampling: “They don’t give a fig if you’re fat or you are thin. Whether you have acne on your chin or you have just covered their entire face in lipstick.” You can enjoy the full doggy manifesto here. How cute is her ‘lil leaf-sniffin’ pup?

And then there’s this. Preach, Shirley!

I’m sure all of you fellow weirdos out there can appreciate this liberating quote. We did.

And this just happened

OK, now that you’ve gotten a glimpse at what goes down on Shirley’s Facebook page, go forth and deep-dive. Just try not to lose an entire day delving into it. It’s waaaaay too easy to do.