‘Ship Wars: ‘Veronica Mars’

I have a deep, unadulterated love for certain TV shows and certain ‘ships. This can’t possibly come as a surprise to most of you. And frankly, anyone who knows me in real life knows that I can talk philosophically about certain TV shows and characters in those shows for hours and hours on end. Heck, get a little alcohol in me, and I am liable to go on all night long.

In grad school, my obsession of the moment was one I have written about before: Veronica Mars. Who didn’t love the sleuthing and sometimes diabolically delightful young detective? She was smart. She was sassy. She could confuddle a boy faster than a kitten runs at a laser pointer on the wall.

Veronica spent three seasons worming her way into my heart and the hearts of every teenage girl and boy who saw her show. She was bad ass. And she had more than her fair share of drama. Best friends getting murdered. Ex-boyfriends knocking people up. It was all over the place.

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear that I was a die-hard Logan/Veronica shipper – or as the Internet calls them, “LoVe” because we’re goobers like that.

Don’t get me wrong – all of Veronica’s beaus had their strong points, but she was just meant to end up with Logan, am I right? I’m right. This isn’t even an argument. I’ll dissect it anyways but really? Come on.

Duncan Kane

Guys, lets be real for a moment. I have a serious soft spot inside me for the first-love/childhood sweetheart trope. I just love it. The song at the beginning of Ally McBeal? The one about pictures and boys next door? God, it just kills me every time. I tear up. So you can understand why I kind of love Duncan Kane.

There’s nothing ACTUALLY wrong with him except that he’s not right for Veronica. Child of her mom’s high school sweetheart? Come on. Really? Brother of her best friend? It’s just too easy. He’s very sweet. And he is a lovely person. But with a murdered sister – by the father of his best friend even – and depression issues and then a child with a girl in a coma? Veronica has her own baggage to contend with, and the constantly lingering question of their possible shared parentage makes me make uncomfortable faces.


I’m not even bothering to look up Piz’s full name. That is how little I think of him. I mean, yes, he’s super nice, and he clearly cares about Veronica. And he’s a good person. He’s not like a total punk who you can’t understand why she would pick him, you know? But he’s just so cookie cutter as a character. He’s so whitewashed and California surfer boy (a stereotype you see the actor’s next TV bosses utilize beautifully with some very funny jokes about cougars and some gratuitous shots of him in a swimsuit carrying a surfboard), and I have a hard time even taking him seriously as a character, let alone as a real romantic possibility for Veronica.

Wallace Finnel

Haters? Don’t hate. It’s a thing for some people. They can’t get past the fact that Veronica’s best friend is a boy and so they have to pair her up with him. He’s kind of perfect. I mean, he’s her best friend. I can see why people want it to happen. But let’s be honest. Wallace is Veronica’s BFF.

They are totally platonic, and it’s just not going to happen.

Logan Echolls

Ah…This is it. Their romance was epic. Their romance spanned centuries. But in all reality, Logan was even more completely screwed up than Duncan. His father slept with his high school girlfriend and then killed her and covered it up. Talk about baggage, am I right? But in the end, Logan and Veronica had that perfect romance of being friends and then enemies and then totally and completely infatuated with each other. Their relationship went up and down and around in circles. It was almost impossible to tear your eyes away from them when they were on screen. I feel like I finally understood chemistry and sizzle watching them together on my tiny dorm room television.

On a healthier note, they also had a more believable interaction than her other paramours. They fought and made up (or didn’t). They leaned on each other. They snapped and snarked and were real people to each other and showed the other their best and worst. If you can’t do that with the person you love, who can you do it with?

You will not convince me that Logan is a total waste of space and a horrible person. Obviously, he does horrible things in his life and he completely messes things up on multiple occasions but he’s still the best there is for her.

I cannot wait to see the Veronica Mars movie if only because I need some more LoVe in my life. Now excuse me…I need to go read some fan fiction.

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