These shoes change color like magic with just one tap of your phone

Dear 90s kids, forget everything you thought you knew about light-up sneakers. A brand called Shiftwear is working on bringing us shoes that change color and design with just the tap of a button on your phone or computer. Yes, they’re like GIFs for your feet, and we want them.

The specific term is HD eInk-powered shoes, and Shiftwear needs $25,000 to make them a reality — which shouldn’t be a problem, since their Indiegogo page indicates that they’ve made an incredible $171,084, just casually 684% of their goal.

However, they’re not done fundraising. The campaign was to get them started. To actually make the shoes, Shiftwear needs a hefty $2 million. That makes sense, since the three different styles of shoes will be self-powered and 100% waterproof with kevlar fiber soles.

They explained how it works over on their campaign page:

This would also be a whole new marketplace for illustrators, animators, and designers. The accompanying app would allow users to make and sell their own designs, keeping their earnings and making a name for themselves on an entirely new platform.

It’s literally the stuff of the future, the kind of thing people even twenty years ago could only dream. Now, it could be a reality as soon as 2016.

Watch the video below to see them in action!

(Image via YouTube)

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