Shia LaBeouf will spend a month alone in a cabin in Finland, and yes, we have questions

Not that anything Shia LaBeouf-related really surprises us anymore, but the news that LaBeouf is spending a month alone in a cabin in Finland does raise some questions.

It’s for an art project called #ALONETOGETHER, and his only form of communication will be the ability to respond to text messages (coming through a video link) from people visiting the Kiasma museum in Helsinki. Two of LaBeouf’s friends and artistic collaborators are also involved in the project, but they’ll be isolated in their own individual cabins and none of the three will have any communication with each other.

We know what you’re thinking: No phone! No computer!

 Why would anyone voluntarily put themselves through that ordeal?!

Well, it’s all in the name of art.

According to Dazed, the project is a statement about the digital revolution and how we are almost never alone. “The venue will serve as, ‘a nexus of communication and human encounter,’ and will force us all to reconsider the relationship we have with our phones and with one another.” Kinda a weird way to go about it, but definitely intriguing.

The public can view a livestream from the gallery, and it’s live now — you can see visitors entering a mock cabin and sending texts to LaBeouf and his collaborators right now!

Hopefully LaBeouf doesn’t get cabin fever!

via giphyAs weird as this all may sound, we’re honestly super grateful that Shia Labeouf exists in this world. The man is always keeping us on our toes.