Shia LaBeouf got 12 tattoos while filming his new movie (and two of them are of Missy Elliot)

To put it gently, over the past few years, Shia LaBeouf has done some odd things — whether as a spur-of-the-moment thing, or because of a sudden emotional outburst, or simply because he just wants to watch all of his movies back-to-back. He, himself, is like a work of art, and honestly, it’s a fascinating story to watch.


So when you hear that he recently got a dozen tattoos, and two of them are of Missy Elliot’s face, you kinda think to yourself, “Well, Shia, it’s about time.”

This is all true. While shooting his latest movie, American Honey, LaBeouf told Variety that he and his cast mates would often find themselves at tattoo parlors and soon, he found himself with a bunch of new tattoos on his arms, neck, and legs. But it’s the one on his knees that are the most interesting. That’s because, for reasons still unknown, they’re matching images of Missy Elliot’s face. Just because.

Why he went with Missy Elliot, he gives a semi-cryptic answer:

“I don’t love Missy Elliott like I wanna get two Missy Elliott tattoos…but you’re in a tattoo parlor, and [¯_(ツ)_/¯] peer pressure.”

Sadly, even though this is very much a “pic or it didn’t happen” situation, there aren’t any pictures of Shia’s new Missy tattoos — YET. It’s only a matter of time, and we eagerly await seeing these, undoubtedly, beautiful works of art.