Apparently Shia LaBeouf didn’t REALLY get married — here’s what we know

The other day our world was rocked when we learned Shia LaBeouf had married his long-time girlfriend, Mia Goth, in a ceremony in Las Vegas. And by “ceremony” we mean, the officiant was an Elvis impersonator, and this is still only like, the third weirdest thing Shia has done this year. Honestly, we expect nothing LESS than him getting married with an Elvis impersonator.

While we can keep sending this happy couple lost and lots of well wishes, hold up one sec. It turns out that the two actually aren’t married, and once again, our world is spinning.

According to Clark County — where Las Vegas is located in Nevada — a ceremony was in fact performed, but it wasn't a marriage. Instead, it was a commitment ceremony.

In case you’ve never gotten married before, and/or just don’t spend a lot of time googling weddings online, in order to be ~legally~ married, you need a marriage license. It’s basically just a certificate, usually granted by the state, that gives you clearance to go ahead and get married and stuff. Going through their records, Clark County has not turned up any marriage license for the couple, which means that they never produced one before the ceremony, and therefore, aren’t truly married.

Elvis might have said "I now pronounce you husband and wife," and they might have kissed, but the state of Nevada is still like NOT SO FAST.

But hey, a commitment ceremony is still a commitment ceremony, and it means something to this happy couple. So, here’s another chorus of mazel tov! for the two. And just think, now this means that they can get married AGAIN. If the first ceremony had Elvis, what will they do for the second??

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