Finally, the BBC gives us a tiny taste of what’s coming up on ‘Sherlock’

The long wait for Sherlock Season 4 continues, but the BBC is finally acknowledging just how much fans miss Sherlock Holmes and his best friend, John Watson. While there might be no announced date for Season 4 yet (though rumor has it, 2017), at least the BBC — and PBS where the show airs in the States — is throwing something else our way: a Sherlock “special” episode. Now, we’ve got the first promotional image for this stand-alone 90-minute special. It appears as if the mustache is afoot.

Remember back at the beginning of Season 3 when Watson had a glorious mustache? Well he’s clearly stepped it up a notch. We’re excited for a healthy serving of visual changes, seeing as how this stand-alone Sherlock special takes the two lads back in time to Victorian England. According to series creator, Steven Moffat, the episode will be a “historical episode” so that means dressing the part, too.

“It’s like we checked the books and discovered we’d set it in the wrong time period by mistake and it’s like we’re correcting it,” he said at Comic-Con last year, explaining the time travel. Moffat’s got another Sherlock panel at Comic-Con this year (Comic-Con kicks off today in San Diego, and the panel takes place TODAY) so hopefully we’ll get a premiere date for this episode, and the rumors on Baker Street suggest December.

Look at them! Look at beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch and perfect Martin Freeman in all their Victorian glory! The slicked back hair. The pocket watch. The leather chair. The face on Cumberbatch that suggest he’s in his Mind Palace because he’s so over this photo shoot. This is just enough Sherlock to hold us over, but we’re going to still need more. And soon.

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[Image via BBC.]