The internet has zero chill about the big family twist on “Sherlock”

Oh my gosh. Go ahead and take a seat, because we need to talk about the huge, EPIC twist during the latest Sherlock episode, “The Lying Detective.” For a show that actually loves to surprise us, be honest…did you see that coming?

Spoilers ahead, unless you’re one of those people who are fine with not watching the latest Sherlock episode, but still need to know everything about it.

Since the very end of Season 3, a mysterious third Holmes sibling has been teased. Mycroft made a passion mention to “the other one,” and at the beginning of this latest season, a third Holmes was once again mentioned. According to Sherlock Holmes lore, there is a third Holmes sibling out there, Sherrinford. Supposedly, Sherrinford is the never-seen eldest third brother to Mycroft and Sherlock. At the very end of “The Six Thatchers,” Mycroft sees a note on his fridge about the “13th” and the calls Sherrinford. Third brother, confirmed.

During “The Lying Detective,” John straight-up calls Mycroft out on there being a third brother. Mycroft denies it, but John knows he’s lying.

Now let’s jump to the end of this latest episode, where we learn Sherlock wasn’t in fact hallucinating a client, Faith Smith. She was real, and she’s posing at John’s new therapist (just go with it). ALSO, she’s the woman John met on the bus, who he then started a ~texting affair with~ (lol, texting affair). WELL, turns out this mysterious woman — who we’ve only known as E — has a name. It’s Euros. Know what Euros means?


As Euros tells John, her parents loved funny names…like Mycroft and Sherlock. Yup, there isn’t a third Holmes brother, there’s one Holmes sister.

Twitter just about lost it.


Also, come on, Sherlock.

People are also really upset that Eros wasn’t actually Moriarty in disguise.


And yes, this means that John had a texting affair with Sherlock’s sister.

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Now that the initial shock of this huge reveal is beginning to wear off, it’s time to as some important questions: What. Does. This. Mean? What does it mean for Euros, and Sherrinford, and more importantly, Moriarty? Bring on the Sherlock Season 4 finale.