Just the new ‘Sherlock’ premiere date news and inside scoop, NBD

The MCM London Comic Con is happening right now, and early this morning the highly anticipated Sherlock panel took place. On the panel were Sherlock co-creators Steven Moffat (also known as the guy behind Doctor Who) and Mark Gatiss (who plays Mycroft Holmes), along with producer Sue Vertue, and Amanda Abbington (who plays Mary Morstan, who became Mary Watson, and IRL is actually married to Watson himself, Martin Freeman). In other words, this panel was full of all the people who know Sherlock BEST.

The group discussed very important topics, such as the fact that the scripts for Season 4 are being written right now, and they plan to shoot in spring of 2016. It was also discussed that Sherlock and The Doctor would probably not be friends, since they “both like being the cleverest person in the room.” And as for the maaaybe return of Jim Moriarty? NEVER SAY NEVER.

Then, talk shifted to the Sherlock Special, and the team dropped the release date for the 19th-century-set episode: January 1st, 2016. And, for the first time EVER, Sherlock will air in both the U.K. and the U.S.A at the same time! If you remember from seasons past, Sherlock has always aired in the BBC first. Then EONS late (or, a few months, whatever), it made its way over to PBS Masterpiece. The struggle was real. This time, though, EVERYONE is getting Sherlock at the same exact time, and we’re only crying a little bit. The feelings, they must be felt.

The Sherlock Special also now has a title: The Abominable Bride. The episode will find Sherlock Holmes and his BFF John Watson in 1890s London trying to once again solve an impossible crime, this time without the use of any sort of modern technology. Super excited to find out if Sherlock has a 19th century Mind Palace.

Check out the Sherlock special trailer below, and go ahead and mark this return date on your brand new 2016 calendar.


‘Sherlock’ is gifting us with the very best Christmas present

(Image via PBS)