The trailer for the second episode of “Sherlock” is even more intense than the first

There are Sherlock spoilers ahead, just FYI. 

The fourth season premiere of Sherlock “The Six Thatchers” surprised viewers by killing off Mary Morstan, who took a bullet meant for Sherlock, and we might never recover. While it was a shocking moment for the series, it seems that episode one was just a teaser for how dark the show is going to get during the fourth season. The trailer for episode two “The Lying Detective” is here, and things are about to get even more intense.

Episode 2 introduces us to the insanely creepy season big bad Culverton Smith (Toby Jones), who seems to be the perfect foil to our beloved Sherlock and John.

Following the somber turn at the end of “The Six Thatchers” it seems Sherlock and co. still haven’t recovered from the loss of Mary, when Culverton Smith enters their lives. While not much is known about Smith, it looks like he’s a wealthy man looking to ruin the lives of Sherlock and his friends. Ah, typical Sherlock big bad. 

It also seems that the friendship between Sherlock and John is still in tatters, as John blames Sherlock for Mary’s death since Sherlock had promised to keep her safe in London. The trailer also features several nervous glances from Molly Hooper and Mrs. Hudson, which means NOBODY is safe from the wrath of Culverton Smith.

We have so many questions! What is all the medical equipment for? Is another member of Team Sherlock going to die? When will John and Sherlock reunite? Is Culverton connected to Moriarty? Is Culverton the THIRD brother?

We are sooo excited for the “The Lying Detective” to air next week. While the “The Six Thatchers” wasn’t our favorite episode (listen, we are just being honest), we think it’ll set the series up for some of the best episodes, yet!