Oh no! “Sherlock” Season 5 is looking uncertain, to say the least

Last we heard, there were no current plans for Season 5 of Sherlock, but it was a possibility for the future. Now, that future is looking further and further away.

Co-creator, writer, and actor Mark Gatiss told UKTV podcast A Stab in the Dark, via Digital Spy, that scheduling has been a source of trouble.

"It's not lack of will," Gatiss said in the podcast, which will be out on July 5th. "It's a nightmare to schedule."

That almost makes it worse, don’t you think? That there’s a desire to move forward with the detective drama, but timing is what’s preventing that from happening? *ugh, sigh*

Gatiss went on to say, “It was very, very hard to schedule the last series, because of Martin [Freeman] and Benedict [Cumberbatch]’s availability. And Steve [Moffat]’s and mine.” That totally makes sense — Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange after all — but out hearts hurt nonetheless.

Even worse, “There is always that Fawlty Towers principle of, ‘Let’s just leave it’. We’ve had the keys to Baker Street for a while, but one of the wonderful things is that they’re always shared,” he continued. “They were shared while we were making it. There’s nothing wrong with saying, ‘That was our version, somebody out there go and do their version.’”

Except, there is something wrong from where we’re sitting, because we want more of this version!

But, this all isn’t to say that Sherlock Season 5 isn’t happening. It’s just the outlook certainly isn’t looking so good. At the very least, we know Gatiss and his fellow co-creator and writer Moffat have a Dracula mini-series on the way. You know, something to ease the pain.