Mark your calendars, we know when “Sherlock” Season 4 is coming back

Let’s be real, basically everything about 2016 has sucked in a major way. There’s the on-going Presidential Election that is just one giant trash fire; there’s the fact that we lost BOTH David Bowie and Professor Snape; there’s an avocado shortage, and oh woe the day. Good thing 2017 is already thinking of us and our best interest, and is trying to start the new year off on the right foot:

BBC has just announced that Sherlock Season 4 will premiere on January 1st, 2017, and thank you 2017!!

In one simply (and also super cryptic) post, BBC dropped that Sherlock will be back in a short 67 days, and will start things off with “The Six Thatchers,” and no, we’re still not really sure what that means for our fearless detective and his BFF John Watson.

The new posters also features a violin, and we can’t help but assume this is Sherlock’s violin. However, with what is probably some pretty heavy foreshadowing, one of the strings has been snapped and you know what THAT means. But no really… what does it mean, because we have no idea. Is Sherlock himself going to literally snap this season? Is this hinting that we should start mentally preparing our hearts for the WORST to happen at 221B Baker Street? Might John have snapped the string himself, in an act of defiance (and one that he immediately regrets and apologizes for, because John would feel so guilty doing that).

So many questions, and so few answers right now.

Oh. And also there’s one more thing we need to discuss, and it might be a major bummer. This is the release date for all our friends over in the U.K., who are actually lucky enough to get the BBC on their television sets in their homes. This might not be the release date for us here in the U. S. of A, since usually PBS aires the episodes a few days later. BUT MAYBE THAT’LL ALL CHANGE THIS YEAR, and everyone’s eager to start 2017 off right.