Hold onto your hearts, Sherlock says ~I love you~ in the latest “Sherlock” trailer

Friends, take comfort in the fact that if our favorite functioning psychopath can find true love, you can, too! Unless this is all part of a big ~game~ and the latest Sherlock trailer is teasing us with luv, because it knows we’re all ears when Sherlock starts talking about the matters of the heart.

All good things must come to an end, and sadly, we’ve got to face the violin music and accept the fact that Sherlock is probably going to end in the very near future. As in like, after Season 4 is over. The hit BBC show returns to our television sets just after the beginning of 2017, and with each new tidbit of information we get, it sure feels like Sherlock and John Watson are getting ready to solve their last case.

And, Sherlock is getting ready to drop those three magic words: I LOVE YOU.

Real talk: …is it to John, or nah?


Putting on our own detective hat, Sherlock says “I love you” to someone (or, something) and it does appear as if John is standing right behind him, not face to face. So, it’s probably not John on the receiving end (OR IS IT?). This also might be a small tease that Irene Alder makes a grand return to the show, since she was the only ~woman~ who could ever match Sherlock.

Or is it someone else entirely? Just WHO does Sherlock LOVE?


Other highlights from the trailer include: Watson in a well! Mary’s got a gun! Sharks! Helicopters! Deep, dark secrets! All of this is making us nervous, and SO much more excited for Sherlock to come back. Season 4 returns on January 1st, 2017 — cross your fingers this isn’t the end END of the series.