The internet wants you to know there’s a really big plot hole in the season finale of “Sherlock”

The Season 4 finale of Sherlock, “The Final Problem,” might very well be the final episode of Sherlock ever. That means, we’re probably going to talk about, debate, and nitpick everything about this episode until the end of time, including the fact that there’s a tiny (BIG) plot hole in this episode.

Obviously there are spoilers ahead, because, duh.

Now, what could this plot hole be? Is this plot hole…the fact that we’ve been led to believe that Redbeard is a dog and then suddenly he’s a kid and it makes no sense? Is it the quick mention that someone lets Eurus get on TWITTER and like wow, could you not? Mycroft’s sudden fear of clowns?

Nope. Though those are all things in the episode that need a little bit more explanation, the plot hole is actually so tiny you might have missed it. Or maybe you caught it and it’s all you’ve been able to think about for the last few days because it is bothering the hell out of you:

Towards the end of the episode, John Watson is trapped in a well (thanks, Eurus) and tells Sherlock he can’t climb out because his feet are chained to the ground.


Fast-forward to John’s rescue, and he’s lifted out of the well via a rope.


Um. What?

Didn’t John just make a big stink about how his feet were chained up, and he couldn’t climb out even if he tried? Sherlock has solved a lot of puzzles, so maybe he can help us out with this one. The internet’s just as confused, and wants you to KNOW they KNOW this is an issue:

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Obviously, no matter what the situation, the easiest way to save John Watson is to just throw a rope at him.


We see you, Sherlock, and we see your plot holes. Let’s try a little bit harder for the hypothetical Season 5, mmmk?