The latest Honest Trailer is a perfect slice of “Sherlock”

After what feels like an ETERNITY, Sherlock is finally returning for Season 4. While we have to wait all the way until January, the fine people over at Screen Junkies , have given us a new video to hold us over until the new season begins. That’s right, after probably a million requests, Sherlock finally has an Honest Trailer.

For a Sherlock fan, the trailer reminds us of everything we know and love about the show, from the iconic stories to the ridiculousness of the situations Sherlock Holmes and John Watson get themselves mixed up in.

The video begins with the narrator lamenting about the number of times the Sherlock Holmes story has been told before reiterating every super fan’s favorite phrase about how the show is so much more than it seems.

The trailer pokes fun the show’s commonly referenced contemporary setting and the updated technology used by the main character. As Screen Junkies so eloquently puts it, “But this show is more than a rehash of public domain stories from the 1890s. Now, they blog.”

Additionally the video features a supercut of Watson’s often perplexed or bemused facial expressions, intermixed with clips from actor Martin Freeman’s role on The Office.

The trailer also features common themes from Sherlock episodes, from the importance of tea, Sherlock’s use of scarves, and texting.

As it always does, the trailer names the biggest stars of the show, including, “I’ll Tumblr for Ya” (Benedict Cumberbatch), “The Original Cumberbitch” (Freeman), “Sherlock sniffing things”, and the show’s most commonly used word, “obviously.”

While Honest Trailers typically poke fun at their subjects, we need to consider this trailer to be a love letter to the series. We love the trailer and plan on watching it daily until the new series premieres on January 1st!

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