11 times Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were our most adorable #friendshipgoals

1. When they weren’t afraid to tell each other when they were being TOO MUCH.


I mean really, if you’re gonna be Sherlock’s friend, you’ve gotta put him in his place sometimes. We feel ya, John.

2. When they had to keep on telling everyone that they’re not dating, thank you very much.


Even though the entire fandom wishes they were.

3. When they had so much fun together that they forgot to be serious after murders.



4. When they figured out their TRUE roles.


John wears the pants in this friendship. Literally.

5. When they couldn’t hold back their laughter that Sherlock refused to put on clothes.


Because it was FUNNY and government niceties be damned.

6. When they always delivered the sickest burns.


But with love.

7. Whenever John would drop everything to indulge in one of Sherlock’s detective whims.

Even if it would make him do this:


8. And whenever Sherlock would try to help John with his personal drama.

Even though Sherlock’s not one to care about the affairs of other people, he still staved off that admirer of Mary’s, and boy, did he enjoy doing it:


9. When John had just one request for his best friend.


10. And when Sherlock fulfilled that request and came back from the dead, right before saving John from being burned in flames.


11. Because after all, John is Sherlock’s pressure point.


And there’s no friendship quite like theirs.

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